Press Release: Merging+ NADAC’s new music server running ROON & Tidal to be shown at T.H.E. Show Newport 2016

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Newport Beach, CA—June 1, 2016: Merging Technologies is proud to announce that the result of a new partnership with Roon Labs can be seen and heard at T.H.E. Show Newport 2016 June 3rd – 5th. The Merging NADAC player was a success at the HIGH END show in Munich. The concept of Roon’s ground breaking player program being offered in integrated solutions is not new—there being many existing partners with products available—but this was the first time that the focus has shifted to a complete turnkey and networked solution offering multichannel capability up to DSD256 and DXD.

The Merging NADAC was launched at the 2015 HIGH END to much acclaim and has been fortunate to have received several rave reviews for its amazing transparency and for the advantages of the RAVENNA/AES67 networked solution. A variety of player solutions including Merging’s own Emotion player can be used with an external computer but this concept is not the first choice for all users. The ‘single box’ solution with the software and the server combined with a DAC removes the need to have a computer in the living room. The ease with which the whole system can then be controlled by tablet or smart phone enhances the user experience significantly. Integration details such as direct control of the NADAC volume and mute from the Roon user interface also adds to the overall ergonomics by simplifying the control of the entire system from one single page on one single tablet.

Roon is well known to provide a superlative user experience with its friendly interface and the most comprehensive database available for the music lover seeking information on all aspects of his favorite track. Marrying Roon to the best sounding and most transparent DAC available and providing multichannel playback would be noteworthy enough but the addition of true networking advantages provides a degree of in-home flexibility that users could only dream about.

Merging also announced that this solution can be retrofitted to all Merging NADAC units already in the field and to any units shipping from now on, meaning early adopters can take advantage of the upgrade if they wish. Pricing and options for this solution, as well as cost for the upgrade of existing units and delivery date will be announced at Rocky Mountain.

Roon’s CEO, Enno Vandermeer commented; “We have admired the innovation and devotion to excellence that Merging has demonstrated with their entry into the audiophile market. This dovetails with our objective to be at the top of the performance table as well as having the best user experience.” On Merging’s behalf, Head of Software Engineering and NADAC Product Manager, Dominique Brulhart stated; “We have carefully evaluated the trends and needs of today’s audiophile and it is clear that a Roon enabled DAC is a very elegant solution. We are delighted to be working with our friends there to maximize all the advantages that we can both offer. Customers can still choose other player solutions with our technology, as well as other DACs with Roon, but we think this combination will be hard to beat.”

The Merging NADAC player will be shown this week at T.H.E. Show Newport in the Pelican Hill Room on the ground floor of the Hotel Irvine (June 3rd-5th). No info on pricing or delivery yet.

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