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Luxman JPT-10 RCA caps (pack of 8)

Greatly Improve The Performance of your Gear With Luxman’s RCA Caps These Are The Best RCA Caps We’ve Ever Used! Machined from solid brass, Luxman’s JPT-10 RCA Caps are the best RCA caps we sell. A substantial upgrade for any component, these 24 karat gold plated caps not only look beautiful, but greatly improve the sound and performance of your components by protecting open RCA inputs from external interference, lowering the noise floor of your entire system.

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Philip O’Hanlon on the Lineage of Luxman Vacuum Tube Electronics – insider view on stereo amplifier MQ-88u vs MQ-88

Philip O’Hanlon on select Luxman Vacuum Tube Electronics ” I think the best way to look at the MQ-88 is as a cost-no-object, artisanal maxing out of classic 1950s push-pull tubed power-amp design.” – John Marks, Stereophile.  Read more here. Sinc […]

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