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Concerts & Record Shopping in Buenos Aires

Travel tips, music lover, audiophile shopping tips in Buenos Aires

7 months ago

Music Session with Steve Williams, the Bergmann New Modi Airbearing Turntable and our Artesania Isolation Tips and Tweaks

Steve Williams listening session with the new Bergmann Modi airbearing turntable - the tweaks, the music, and the experience

2 years ago

On A Higher Note Update and Upgrades (Part I)

Listening Room Face Lift It has been a crazy summer at On A Higher Note as we threw ourselves into…

2 years ago

Method of Madness – brief introduction

  Irish Distillers have many long-established brands, such as Jameson, Redbreast, Powers, Midleton Very Rare, and the Spot range, so while these…

3 years ago

Grammy’s Official Artist, Yuroz, released paintings series to pay tribute to musicians

The value of music art is beyond measure and is extremely important to our psyche.  When the world is challenged, music…

6 years ago

Restoration Notes on the Vintage Luxman PD-444 Turntable we brought to RMAF

If you were intrigued by the vintage Luxman turntable that we brought to RMAF in October, we discuss all that…

6 years ago

Review: Redbreast 21 Whiskey

What better way to end the day than to wind down, play some mellow tunes and relax with an ounce…

7 years ago

Bring harmony and balance in your living space – where engineering design meets aesthetics design

Sound rooms don’t have to look like a rough and tumble man cave. According to some of the design-centric high-end…

8 years ago