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Testimonial: Happy customer purchased U. S. launch unit for Vivid G1S in blue and had this to say …

I’m writing to express my gratitude for the services of Philip O’Hanlon and On a Higher Note in the recent purchase of my Vivid Audio Giya G1 Spirit loudspeakers. I’ve known Philip for several years now, as he was instrumental in the purchase of my previous speakers, Vivid Audio Giya G2s. Philip’s knowledge of music […]

Testimonial: Happy Arizona client sad to go back to work after a great weekend of listening to his newly purchased ex demo Luxman M-800A and C-800f combo

We get deep into components we represent and learn them organically.  We know their limits and know what goes well together.  Assembling a music system is an assemblage art.  This client came to us first about 2 years ago and recently finally decided to purchase one of the Luxman M-800A ex demo units of ours.  […]

Eclipse TD712zMK2 made “The Best 30 HiFi Speakers of What Hi-Fi’s Lifetime” & TD508MKIII just got great praise!

  “Timing was brilliant, as were dynamics, and they sounded more coherent than just about anything else at the time – regardless of price… They weren’t as adept with the frequency extremes because of that single driver, but we could forgive their limitations. It was a different approach to speaker design that yielded a wildly entertaining […]

Find out why industry insiders from press to manufacturers to dealers use Artesania Audio’s rack systems when they want to sound their best.

We all know that fair/show environment is really far from ideal to showcase audio equipment at its best.  So we all need all the help we can get to be able to offer auditions to show goers as close to what our equipment can do as possible. At the end of the day, it is […]

New Eclipse Endorser: 4-time Grammy Award winning producer/mixer Neil Dorfsman

Neil Dorfman Eclipse testimonial

Neil Dorfsman is a producer and mixer/engineer who has won 4 Grammy Awards for Best Producer and Best Engineer working with artists including Sting, Dire Straits and Bruce Hornsby. “In my studio…they have become the ‘go-to’ speaker for checking mixes, balances, and simply enjoying music. They sound—and look—amazing.” Neil Dorfsman Learn more about Eclipse here […]

“Wonderful Way to Spend a Friday in SF with Philip, Vivid Audio Giya G3 & Music Lovers” –

Wow! I have never been so literally blown away and delighted by a listening experience in my life…I actually felt like clapping at the end. I have never heard pianos and violins sound so life like. I have never heard complex passages so uncongested and the dynamics, from soft to explosively loud were incredible, the speakers never faltered for a moment.

Grammy-award winning producer Jeff Jones shares how he religiously uses the Eclipse TD-M1 speaker system to record natural dynamics

“Everything, absolutely everything in my final product has become more clear…I know for a fact that since hearing and working with the TD-M1 my skills became elevated to a new level. Every recording I’ve produced with the TD-M1 is sonically better because my view is unclouded. I am an artist. The recordings I produce are considered high art. Now that I have the TD-M1 I have more precise tools to work with and my work shows it.”