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“A serendipitous confluence of events occurred this past Friday. My interest in the Giya G3 speakers were awoken once again, and so earlier this week I reached out to Philip O’hanlon to find the nearest dealer in my area for a listen. As luck, or perhaps fate would have it Philip was in town visiting Music Lovers on Thursday and Friday, and the San Francisco store had the Giya G3s set up and available for a demo.

First off, let me mention that Jae, Hugh, and Max were all very accommodating and hospitable, with Hugh taking lead duties in ensuring the speakers and the rest of the equipment were setup properly and ready for listening. More so in light of the fact that originally I had to cancel the appointment due to work commitments, and it was only on the morning of Friday I changed my mind, and they were able to slot me in at 1PM.

Second, I was very fortunate that Philip was in town, and took the time to be there to show me the Giyas and to answer any questions I might have. Oh, and did I forget to mention, to provide the best music demonstration I have ever had in my life. That included playing material to show off the various facets of the Giyas, selections per my request to hear how tunes I were very familiar with sounded on the Giya, and some other selections either entirely new to me, or transformational when heard on the Giyas. Also I would be remiss in not mentioning that Philip has the best needle drops (selection and quality) that I have ever heard in my life.

Everyone was patient and gracious, and very learned. It felt like a casual gathering of friends on a Friday afternoon enjoying the pleasure of listening to good music.

The listening room was slightly larger than my own which measures 13.5′ wide, 23′ deep and 9′ tall.

As I mentioned earlier, I had for quite a while had an interest in the Giyas, but never had a chance to hear them. In addition I have now spent enough time with my own system to understand its strengths and suspect some of its weaknesses. So my goal going in was to both hear the Giyas and determine if they provided those elements I found lacking in my system.

Well, I can tell you these speakers delivered all of that and more. Wow! I have never been so literally blown away and delighted by a listening experience in my life. I know everything I am about to write will sound like hyperbole, but the classical selections played sounded very close to being seated at a concert. I actually felt like clapping at the end. I have never heard pianos and violins sound so life like. I have never heard complex passages so uncongested and the dynamics, from soft to explosively loud were incredible, the speakers never faltered for a moment.

Shelby Lynn, “Just a Little Loving”, sounds wonderful in my system, but on the Giyas, it is a whole different level. The tempo, the capability of the speakers to start on a dime, and to stop effortlessly with no overhang of notes is something that needs to be heard to be appreciated.

And truly the purr of the electric guitar on some of the tunes, is better than I have ever heard it rendered (yes, I play guitar and bass).

I believe a track was played of Taiko drumming as well to show the superb rhythmic capabilities of the G3s, simply astounding.

I had read previously, reports of how sensational the needle drop of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side sounded on the Giya G3s. At one point Philip mentioned how one could hear the singers moving closer and further away from the microphones as they were singing, well I missed it the first time because I was mesmerized by the sounds of the bass drum, especially the quick double kicks during the song, which I had never heard before. I did catch the background singers as they moved closer and closer to the mikes during the latter half of the song. Just amazing playback on this tune, the vocals, the distinct sounds of both the electric bass and acoustic bass, the splat of the horn, I could have listened to it a dozen times easily.

OK, as this is getting rather long, at least for me, I will get to the point. These speakers are simply amazing. The best I have heard, and yes I have not heard as many speakers as many of you out there. The dynamics, the cadence, the effortlessness, and accuracy in sounds is beyond my feeble words. The soundstage, detail, clarity and all these other intangibles, truly result in a speaker that “gets out of the way”. And they could play louder than I would ever want to at home without losing any of the qualities I enjoyed at lower volumes.

So, these speakers more than met my expectations, they had qualities I didn’t even know existed. Ever have that moment when you just wanted to whip out the old checkbook and say, “I’ll take them!”, well that is how I felt.

Key take aways, Music Lovers is a wonderful, accommodating establishment, Philip is a wonderful and gracious host and a pleasure to spend time with, as he transcends the equipment and is about the love of music, and the Vivid Audio Giya G3 speakers should be on anyone’s short list to audition, if you can afford them.

P.s. another way to think about it is, these speakers are a music lovers speaker.”

B. Plexico, Northern California, June 2015

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“Wow. With my new Vivid GIYA G2 speakers – here with U.S. distributor and friend, Philip O’Hanlon. Now, I’m happening!”

Lori Lieberman, Los Angeles, CA

George Giammaras, a customer of Coup de Foudre Audio Video in Montreal, shares his search for a new pair of loudspeakers, how he ended up with Vivid Audio’s Giya G3 and how much he’s loving it.

In photo: Lori Lieberman recording on Sunday afternoon (1 March 2015) with the Vivid Audio G3 and the Mola Mola electronics.

Lori’s comment:  “It was so revealing and just the most transparent sound I have heard in the studio. As an artist I could hear all the nuances of my first guitar takes and hear my vocal with the highest level of clarity” At 192/24 I was in the room. The Vivids are remarkable to work with. They leave our music alone and represent it as performed.”

“Whenever I listened to a set of speakers I tend to find the weak spot easily and I have not come across a speaker with no flaw, until now.

“I am the proud owner of a set of the best speakers I have come across in my whole life. Vivid Audio V1.5 stand mounted two way speakers.

“There is a seamless integration what the high frequencies are concerned. Both drivers are perfectly time aligned. Warm, detailed, articulate and controlled. I heard sounds on my recordings that I have never heard until now. If it’s on the recording you will hear it. These speakers are so capable that I will be more than happy with them for the rest of my life. They give me all I could ever ask of a live recording…and then some.

“I am so thrilled with these speakers that I make time at any point of my day i.e. teatime, lunch break, loo break to pop in a track or two.

Vivid or NOTHING.”

Kirk Lachman (Las Vegas) exclaimed, “I was in listening heaven (in my own house)”, on Vivid Audio B1 loudspeakers, paired with Luxman L-590aX integrated amp, DA-06 DSD DAC, Luxman PD-171 Stereophile 2014 POTY finalist turntable.

“The Vivid B1 speakers had a very high WAF (wife acceptance factor)… and welcoming sound that never caused listener fatigue or needed high volume to show off. They handled bass with no issues. Imaging was excellent and precise. Having her notice the imaging etc was surprising… No muddiness at all… The speakers really stole the show. When you closed your eyes, you could not locate them in the room. They just disappeared.”

Kirk Lachman, Las Vegas, on Vivid Audio B1 loudspeakers, paired with Luxman L-590aX integrated amp, DA-06 DSD DAC, Luxman PD-171 Stereophile 2014 POTY finalist turntable

This is music to the ears of Vivid Audio’s Technical Director/Designer, Laurence Dickie as he often likens his mission in creating a “transparent window to the music performance”. You cannot get more transparent than “just disappear” I’d supposed. Well done!

For years, we have been demonstrating Vivid Audio and Luxman in different trade shows and seminars and they are a beautiful combination. Contact us or your nearest dealer for an audition.

“Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service. I couldn’t be happier… my pair of B1’s is doing quite well… The speakers sound absolutely incredible and the amount of joy that I now get from listening to music is virtually endless. Thank you once again for the fantastic customer service. You’ve got a customer for life.”

Andrei Litvinov, PA, proud owner of Vivid Audio’s B1 Loudspeakers, November 9th, 2014

I went to Locke Street Audio’s private listening room yesterday. I was amazed at the sound I heard. The sound stage was big but accurate, the speakers completely disappeared and you could just hear instruments playing. The bass was very deep but it was tight and not muddy and at some points made the room shake. The dynamics of these speakers and the Belles amplifiers were a knock out combination, it could go from producing the smallest bell to a slamming kettle drum almost instantaneously with nearly enough impact to knock you out of your seat.

The speakers will play loud but they never lose their quality and detail when they do. In some recordings David played for me you could hear small details like a guitarist breathing while he was playing and his fingers moving across the strings. The vocals were also great, very natural and realistic to the point you would think the person was in the room with you singing. He played a piece with a solo drum set and when you closed your eyes it actually felt and sounded as though there was a drum kit in the room, you could feel the presence of the kit. Just the amount of realism from this system astonished me. I went in thinking it’s going to sound great but instead I left in awe of what I heard.

Thanks for a great afternoon of music,

Mathew Stephenson, Toronto, Canada

I listened to (my brand new Vivid Giya) G3’s for long sessions the past three days. These speakers can indeed be aptly described as the Ferrari of loudspeakers in appearance and sound as On A Higher Note noted. I cannot recall this much excitement previously listening to some top (models, including) Sonus Faber, Wilson and Magico. It is hard to surpass such supreme sonic performance coupled with abundant musicality. I have very little reservation.

Chin L, VA, USA