Beck – Sea Change

  • Artist: Beck
  • Album: Sea Change
  • Label: Geffen
  • Release Date: September 24, 2002
  • Genre: Alternative
  • Formats: CD, LP, MP3, SACD, TIDAL hi-res download, TIDAL hi-res streaming
  • Listen on TIDAL.

As good as Beck’s Sea Change is in stereo on both SACD and LP, you really need to hear the creative multi-channel mix that Bob Ludwig did in 2002. While Beck Hansen is singing from the center channel, there are instruments swirling all around you. It’s a trippy , psychedelic experience—mellow and really enjoyable. On “Lonesome Tears”, Beck has created a warm, enveloping sound—synths lay drown a dreamy background while there’s an orchestra and lots of different instruments fade in and out. A slow percussion and bass duo tie the whole sound together.

On Sea Change Beck’s typical ironic lyrics were replaced by sincere, simpler lyrical content. He also put aside the heavy sampling of his previous albums in favour of live instrumentation. When interviewed, Beck cited the breakup (after nine years) with his longtime girlfriend as the major influence on the album. Musically and sonically 5/5. This album gets my unreserved recommendation.

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