6moons.com called Mojo S and Diablo 120 combo “Gryphon lite only visually”

Srajan Ebaen at 6moons called this Gryphon entry level combo, the Diablo 120 integrated amplifier with the Gryphon floor standing loudspeaker system, the Mojo S, “a prearranged marriage”.  Here’s his some of his conclusions: “Mojo S didn’t have to shout to make itself felt.” “Now the music becomes emotionally accessible and invested.” “… if you’ve […]

Merging Technologies NADAC+Player PL8 raving review by Kal Rubinson at Stereophile!

The NADAC+ Player PL8 brought the platform to an MQA compatible streaming environment. Mr. Rubinson commended Merging Technologies’ efforts to have “successfully added full-feature music-player software to its well-received DAC… (I refer you to my March 2016 review of the NADAC Multichannel-8 MC8  to see why the latter is still listed in Class A of […]

Artesania Isolation Bases 3-Part Review from HiFi-Advice.com

A testimony to true function an form, Artesania releases its updated Isolation Bases offerings, often referred to as “the best performance per dollar” by anyone that has first hand experience with these gems. “The Isolation Discs far exceeded my expectations. They are beautiful to look at and greatly enhance the sound without introducing any downsides.” […]

Eclipse TD712zMK2 made “The Best 30 HiFi Speakers of What Hi-Fi’s Lifetime” & TD508MKIII just got great praise!

  “Timing was brilliant, as were dynamics, and they sounded more coherent than just about anything else at the time – regardless of price… They weren’t as adept with the frequency extremes because of that single driver, but we could forgive their limitations. It was a different approach to speaker design that yielded a wildly entertaining […]

Philip’s Demo XX – Curator’s Notes (Part 1 of 3)

We accumulated approximately sixty songs  before we started whittling down the music around the Christmas holidays to finalize on almost 80 minutes of music that will fit on a CD. As always, our criteria are that the music primarily must be compelling & meaningful. Secondarily that its well-recorded and will show what a well-implemented high-end […]

A Tale of Three Components – Gryphon Sonett Phonostage, the Third Leg for a Vinyl Outboard Trio

Gryphon Audio has a remarkable reputation for their systems approach with designers and engineers knowing just the right touch needed to evoke just enough emotion.  The brand leads with their money-no-object electronics design and solution, with their indisputably well reviewed integrated amplifiers, the Diablos, to their Scorpio S CD player, their flagship Mephisto Monoblocks, and their […]

Find out why industry insiders from press to manufacturers to dealers use Artesania Audio’s rack systems when they want to sound their best.

We all know that fair/show environment is really far from ideal to showcase audio equipment at its best.  So we all need all the help we can get to be able to offer auditions to show goers as close to what our equipment can do as possible. At the end of the day, it is […]

Artesania Audio New Rack Systems Release – find the correct solution to gain the best performance improvement per dollar

Artesania Audio has broadened its product offerings with the release of 3 new rack systems, each incorporating its proprietary anti-resonance acoustic treatment.  We are proud to announce Artesania’s new flagship “Master Kyo” carbon fiber rack system, its new Airforce I & II Rack System with technical input from TechDAS, Japan, and its new “Mini” Rack System for […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  JULY 27th 2017 (LOS ANGELES, CA) VIVID AUDIO GIYA SERIES 2 (G1S2, G2S2, G3S2, G4S2) BACK STORY – ALL MODELS SHIPPING NOW!  On A Higher Note, a California based premier promoter of musical integrity and distributor of synergistic high end audio components announces the arrival of Vivid Audio’s GIYA Series 2 loudspeakers, the […]