Female and audio – nature or nurture? (Part 1 of 2)

Original version published Feb 20, 2015 | Revised after stumbling onto Positive Feedback’s Carol Clark’s recent post, “My Journey into Audio” |  Reposting from Positive Feedback in “My Journey into Audio – Pandora Pang”) It looked like Carol recently had a similar experience as I did in 2015 that “left [her] stewing.” We have been […]

Interview of Gryphon Audio Design’s Sales Director, Rune Skov, Audio Magazine July 2019 Issue (translated)

Hello, it is such an honor to meet you. What is the reason for visiting Korea this time? Hello. I am Rune Skov, the Sales Director at Gryphon. Thank you for warm and kind welcoming me in Seoul. This visit is to support Gryphon’s long time partner, Damino, and I would like to Damino’ s […]

Fuse a piece of history into your journey – Gryphon Audio Designs, the legendary company and the legend who founded it

Music relaxes, emotes, and engulfs. It refuels and anchors. In celebrating the power of music, with the mission to “make neutral products … products [the Founder] wish[es] to own …”, and to deliver designs that enable “every section within the circuitry … for its optimal purpose”, Gryphon Audio Designs and its Founder, Mr. Flemming Erik […]

Review by The Audio Beat on Gryphon Audio Design’s flagship Kodo Loudspeaker System

  Excerpts from the review article of Gryphon Audio Design’s flagship Kodo loudspeakersystem by audiobeat.com’s Roy Gregory published today:   “… this is temperamentally very much a real-world system for real-world music …”   “… Gryphon’s bottom end relies on attack and impact to impress — and impress it certainly does…”   “… the separation […]

Artesania Audio “Finish” with strength at Munich High End!

After last year’s new products introduction, Artesania Audio showed up this year at Munich High End with a proud collection of display in 11 rooms flaunting their continuous worldwide support in the industry among high end audio manufacturers.  We can’t help but notice that this Spanish manufacturer spent the last year on R&D to expand […]

Graham Audio and the Lure of the British Monitor | High End 2019

  Sometimes I feel like I can spot a classic BBC monitor from a mile away, or in this case from across the main halls of the MOC at High End 2019. “Is that the Graham Audio booth?” I asked myself, seeing a collection of those familiar boxes with classic wood veneers and model designations like LS5/8 and LS5/9 and even, […]

Part 5 of 6: Demo Material LPs—Male Vocal

Our latest tests were done through a Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated amplifier and a pair of Gryphon Pantheon loudspeakers.  All I can say is that it woke our senses and presented an experience that many seek but seldom get.  There are many ways to build synergies.  Great recording, talented artists, well paired up “mixed marriage” […]