Unboxing 1st New Eclipse TD307MK3 in N. America, revised with greater bass extension

Working with Eclipse TD has been very refreshing as this is a company that tells you exactly what they are going to do and does it to the tee with such grace.  Both Pandora and I have been big fans of their speaker line from unique technologies that stemmed from the life’s work of its […]

MORMUSIC.Today Recommendation – Must-Have and Noteworthy Magnum Opus LP Re-Issues (repost)

Must Have Reissues These albums will make your system sing, truly remarkable albums both musically & sonically.  Classic albums that we have all heard countless times, but never at this sound quality. Playing Magnum Opus ReDiscovered selection is the best bang on the buck improvement to your system. Dire Straits – Dire Straits. Mobile Fidelity, […]

Bergmann Audio Announces Modi, New Entry Level Airbearing Turntable System, and Names On A Higher Note its N. American Exclusive Distributor

Bergmann Audio is a Danish airbearing turntable and linear tracking tonearm manufacturer that bears the Founder, Johnnie Bergmann Rasmussen’s namesake.  The new Modi turntable uses trickle down technology from Bergmann’s Galder, its reference air bearing turntable system, to present a more affordable entry-level air bearing solution, offering flexibility and ease to users to be able […]

“Piano Sounds Fantastic and Convincing with my new Eclipse TD 510MKII desktop speakers”

Powered by my Marantz SR8012 AV receiver via HDMI with my Mac Mini running Roon, the Eclipse speakers look amazing on my desk.  When I was still breaking them in, they already seemed very revealing with great imaging.  Tonight, as I am listening to the high res album “A Chopin Diary (Complete Nocturnes)” by Claire […]

Irish Music Recommendation | Join in at whatsbestforum to share yours

Having left Ireland (Cork City to be precise) in 1978, I have lived all around the world since then but still have family and friends back home, and have lots of reasons to return regularly.  Building pleasure elements to my business trips, I have always been on the look out for a taste of live […]

Philip’s Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal

Are you looking for some great music that sounds terrific?  People have certain genres and different preferences.  We have a wide interest and one basic criteria – it has to be music worth listening to, over & over again.​ While we really enjoy the use of the digital streaming services like Qobuz and TIDAL, we […]

Gryphon Audio built-in DAC in Scorpio S vs optional DAC module for Diablo 120

With the plethora of both standalone and built-in DAC’s into different electronics, we get asked the question of which “DAC is better” a lot.  We also observed many discussions about how one could use a DAC to double up as a digital preamplifier to drive their amps, a topic we do have lots to say […]