Are the TD712zMK2 loudspeakers capable of sustaining 100db in my listening room?

Eclipse TD712zMK2 loudspeakers in black
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I'm interested in the Eclipse TD712zMK2 loudspeakers. My listening room measures 15’x18’x8’. I listen at about 6’ from the speakers and they have to be able to sustain 100db (C weighted) at that distance. Are the TD712zMK2 speakers capable of this in my particular listening environment?


In stereo application, 712zMK2 at 35W input resistance rating does give 98dB at 1.8m distance (103dB at 1m distance), therefore our answer is ‘unlikely’ unless the room is live rather than dead.

The above figure is not considered ‘C weight’ because the dB does not have much difference as the low and high FQ of C weight is beyond the speaker’s reproducing band.

Applies to: Eclipse TD712zMK2 in Black only