Gryphon Mephisto Power Amplifier – Stereo vs Solo

FAQs | Applies to: Gryphon Mephisto Solo Mono Amplifier (2 month old ex demo), Gryphon Mephisto Stereo Amplifier ex demo

What is the difference between mono and stereo version of Mephisto?


Mephisto Solos have more output current (double that of the Stereo version) and a little more class A output power (from 2x175W in the Stereo versus 2x200W in the Solos @ 8 ohms).

From a listening experience standpoint, the Mono/Solo version has a dramatic increase in current capability which transforms into more woofer grip and control, offering a better overall headroom. We should point out that doubling the output current also doubles the dampening factor, giving noticeably more control over the woofers and laying down a considerably deeper foundation underneath the music. This also means that when the crescendo is reached at a end of a Mahler symphony for example, the amplifier still has considerable headroom so that the soundstage does not diminish. nor collapse, something that happens when there is a lack of power. It would be very noticeable on a pretty much any loudspeaker system it drives. Capable of massive current swings, Gryphon Mephisto Solo maintains the dynamic integrity of the audio signal even under the most extreme reactive loudspeaker load conditions. The extraordinary load tolerance of the Mephisto Solo means that it will bring out the best in any loudspeaker.

The inevitable side effects of most monoblocks made by other manufacturers who simply created a bridged version of an existing two-channel product is that it includes doubling distortion, doubling the input impedance (impairing the amplifier’s ability to drive low-impedance loudspeaker loads) and cutting damping factor in half (reducing the amplifier’s control of cone motion at low frequencies).

The Gryphon Mephisto Solo elegantly eliminates these issues by running two stereo channels in parallel (not in series) for unchanged output and voltage, but double the current and half the distortion. As always, extreme high current capability is a fundamental parameter in Gryphon amplifier design. Isolating power amplifier channels in completely independent enclosures offers additional crucial advantages. With separate power supplies, rectifiers, regulation, preamp stages and gain stages, there is no interaction whatsoever between channels. What happens in one channel at any given time (for instance, extreme instantaneous dynamic demands) is entirely independent of and therefore unaffected by anything going on in the other channel.

Total physical separation of the channels eliminates any possibility of inter-channel crosstalk, providing infinite stereo separation.

As a result, the Gryphon Mephisto Solo drives loudspeakers with greater ease, control and authority, delivering a more spacious soundstage in all dimensions, rich detail against a silent background and tighter, more extended bass. Less critically, independent mono amplifiers offer increased flexibility of placement in the listening room.

The quality of sound reproduced by Gryphon Mephisto Solo is completely level-independent. It is a huge amplifier capable of delivering its best at any volume setting, from background levels to full throttle.

Applies to: Gryphon Mephisto Solo Mono Amplifier (2 month old ex demo), Gryphon Mephisto Stereo Amplifier ex demo