Is it possible to listen to LPs on the Makua preamp AND digitally record them to a music server at the same time?

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I have a question about Mola-Mola preamp. Does it have tape out? Specifically, I want to be able to listen to LPs AND digitally record them to my music server at the same time...


Thank you for enquiring about the Mola-Mola "Makua" preamp. As regards your question about the Tape Output; I myself have been recording the output from the Makua internal phono stage and taking the preamp output into a Grimm AD1 (Analogue / Digital Converter) and then taking the Grimm's output into a Tascam DV3000 audio recorder. I adjusted the output from the preamp & listened on headphones to the Tascam so that I could optimize the gain. The Mola Makua is so quiet that it did not add any audible noise to the output signal. In fact, these vinyl rips to DSD sound absolutely fantastic.

You will not be able to play the LP through the system & record to digital at the same time, unless you are not concerned about the sonic quality, as you want to avoid a feedback loop.

To digitally record your LPs, you will need:

1. an analogue digital converter

2. some audio recorder, the KORG MR2000 or Tascam DV3000 both have pretty decent ADC's on board.

3. editing software for the music - KORG's ""Audiogate is superb for DSD (PC or MAC) or Vinyl Studio for PCM

The Luxman C-600f and C700f both have tape outputs, but of course are quite different sounding from the Mola-Mola.

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