Luxman L-550AX versus Luxman L-590AX

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Luxman L-550AX front view

I'm interested in purchasing an integrated amplifier. What are the key differences between the Luxman L-550AX and the Luxman L-590AX?


The L-590AX is a fully balanced design, while the L-550AX is a single-ended design. Balanced is normally quieter.

  • The L-590AX has two balanced inputs instead of one in the L-550AX.
  • The L-590AX has a slightly nicer chassis than the L-550AX, but the money has gone into the actual electronics, not a prettier box. Its almost 10 lbs heavier as a result.
  • Output power is increased by 50% and is sufficient to drive Vivid Audio GIYA G3, Wilson Sasha or Alexia.
  • Sonically the L-590AX is dramatically more refined than the L-550AX form the point of view of tonal color, texture. The L-590AX is quieter, more dynamic & more resolute. The soundstage is wider, deeper and more three-dimensional.

During casual conversation with dealers, many have offered up, unsolicited, that if they left the industry, they would buy an L-590AX for themselves and not bother upgrading going forward.

The L590AX is truly High End at an affordable price.

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Applies to: Luxman L-550AX Pure Class A Integrated Amp