What are the differences between the Luxman L-590AX and the new Luxman L-590AXII?

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Luxman L-590AX II side view

What are the differences between the Luxman L-590AX and the new Luxman L-590AXII?


Differences between Luxman L-590AX and L-590AXII
LECUA 88 steps 88 steps The construction of LECUA itself is the same, but an FET buffer before LECUA was replaced by a transistor buffer. Therefore S/N is improved and so is the distortion.
ODNF 3.0A 4.0 Distortion characteristic of the high range is improved. The expression is clearer.
POWER 10000μF×4 (LR common) 10000μF×8 (LR independent) The first capacitors have been doubled (4 → 8) and LR becomes independent. Thus the intereference between L and R is decreased and separation is improved. The same construction as M-700u.
TRANSFORMER EI type 640VA EI type 640VA thicker primary winding Regulation is improved and more powerful expressive power for the low range is realized.The voltage on the power transistor is higher and the power consumption is a little higher.
PRE OUTPUT Operational amp Operationalamp

+Discrete buffer amp

Output impedance is decreased and the driving force of preamp is improved. Thus more speedy low range is possible and the sound rise is faster.
ORIGINAL CONDENSER PPSD,PPSO Improved version of PPSD, PPSO Property variation by the temperature shift is rare and the durability is high. Newly added the vibration protections decreased the sound chokes. The capacity of the condenser is optimized. The supplier was changed.
DUMPING FACTOR 240 320 This increase is not due to negative feed back. The impedance of the signal path is decreased. (The inside wiring of the main part is 260% thicker.)
METER Reaction speed a little slow Reaction speed increased Design around the meter is changed.
LEG Silver Black Same material and gradation cast iron.
SOUND QUALITY The performance stage wider and bigger scale-feeling. Increased feel of tranquility and the sounding and the afterglow are more vivid. The low range has more strength and energy. LUXMAN's integrated amplifier's flagship. We put into know-hows that we acquired from separate amplifiers' development. Being a pure A-class amplifier, we did not put so much emphasis to make it sound like "A-class," the expressive power with high density is alive.

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