Replacing the Tubes on the Luxman SQ-N10

FAQs | Applies to: Luxman SQ-N10 Integrated Amp, Vacuum Tube

You told me, if you change tubes on the SQ-N10 sound quality would improve a lot. Just to be sure, would you please let me know which tube(s) should be changed and which tubes you recommend as replacement? I think it was Telefunken, but I´m not sure.


As regards the SQ-N10; if you find a well balanced Telefunnken ECC83 in great condition at a reasonable price - first choice. If you have to buy modern, then consider the Genelex - "Gold Lion”. The ECC83 is the single tube in the middle in the front row.

I bought a complete set of the Genelex “Gold Lion” for the Luxman EQ-500, which is due to arrive in California, tomorrow Thursday. I hope this is of help; will definitely bring this fine amplifier into another league; more refined tonal colour / density. Can help it sound as if it were twice the Euros.

Applies to: Luxman SQ-N10 Integrated Amp, Vacuum Tube