Gryhon Audio Sonata Allegro with Legato Phono Boards

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I am using a Grado Reference cartridge MM. The Legato is set for MM and Ohm board is still set to factory 47k. How can I increase the bias as I have to turn the preamp volume up to the max (38) to get a relatively good listening volume. Would changing the ohms load change the bias or is there some other way to increase the bias. No bias control on the turntable a Well Tempered original.


It is possible to set the Legato to additional 10dB gain in MM-mode. The trick is to set the jumper J1 in MC-mode
(the other jumpers J2, J3, J107 and J108 must remain in MM-mode). The load (input impedance) is fixed at 47k ohm in MM-mode

The highest volume setting on the Sonata Allegro is 44, unless the balance is set to a value different from 00 - or the max volume setting “Lmax” is set to a lower value.

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