What type of Lemo connectors do we need for the Gryphon Legato Legacy phonostage

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There is one pair of Lemo connectors included with each Legato Legacy phonostage.

The specifications for the Lemo connectors are shown in the next page. You can also purchase (spare) Lemo connectors from us. - both the standard for 5-6mm cable diameter (our item no. 1504) - and a version for 8-9mm cables (our item no. 1504 XL)

The connector at the tonearm might be different from model to model. You should get this info from the manufacturer of tonearm or turntable. A common -almost- standard is a female 5pin DIN, sometimes referred to as "SME-plug". We do not have a 5pin DIN plug. - Please also note that our cables are not suitable for this small plug.

You can find examples of wiring cables from SME to Lemo - and other on our website, please see the bottom of the page on "tips and tricks" http://www.gryphon-audio.dk/m/technical/tips-tricks.aspx

NB: One of the major advantages on the Legato Legacy phonostage is the fully balanced design. A cartridge is a balanced source and when the wiring is also fully balanced it is possible to get a noise and hum rejection which is far superior to a typical unbalanced setup. Thus, it is important to make a properly balanced wiring from the cartridge/tonearm to the Legato Legacy.

Applies to: Gryphon Legato Legacy Phonostage

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