TD508MK3 set a new standard for a compact monitor speaker. The dedicated 508DMK3 stand allows you to optimize the performance if you need to install it ‘free standing’ to suit the layout of your room.

All for accurate sound reproduction

Angle adjustment

Angle adjustment of -10 to 15 degrees of the head offers a wide range of flexibility, creating an installation suited to the individual listening environment.


The coupling with the speaker on 508DMK3 is an ‘all-point’ contact design, eradicating the transmission of unwanted vibration. The extruded aluminum column provides and inert and rigid support with the steel base enhancing stability.

Model 508DMK3 SV 508DMK3 WH
Dedicated Floor Stand for TD508MK3
Colour Available Silver White
Maximum Dimensions (mm)
Weight (per Speaker) Approx. 5.4kg

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