The L-590AX MK II draws upon Luxman’s decades of experience in amplifier design to deliver an exquisite combination of rich sonic expression, fine detail, wide bandwidth and dynamic gusto. Stereo output is rated at 30W per channel into 8Ω and 60W per channel into 4Ω.

In order to achieve this level of power without sonic compromise, Luxman has implemented its ODNF 4.0 drive circuit utilizing a THREE-parallel push-pull structure with three-stage Darlington. A Luxman ‘Ultimate Efficiency Power Transformer’—an EI type rated at 615VA forms the heart of the amp’s power supply, with plentiful regulation ensuring an unshakable response to any load fluctuations. A high-capacity block capacitor contributes to the L-590AXII’s ability to deliver lashings of power instantaneously yet remain firmly in control, while the amp’s low-impedance transmission design, carefully selected custom components and short, fully optimized signal paths deliver maximum sonic purity.

Compared to the L-590AX I, which had only 4 block capacitors, the L-590AX MarkII has 8 in total—4 each L and R. Thus the L-590AX Mark II has the same configuration as Luxman’s M-700u. Similarly whereas the L-590AX I had 4 output boards, the L-590AX II has 8 output boards. The L-590AX II can now drive even more difficult speaker loads with ease.

Item Value
Rated Output 2 x 30W RMS / 8Ω 2 x 60W RMS / 4Ω
Input Sensitivity / Impedance PHONO (MM): 2.5 mV / 47 k Ω
PHONO (MC): 0.3 mV / 100 Ω
the LINE: 180mV/47 k Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.005% (1kHz/8 Ω), less than 0.02% (20 Hz ~ 20kHz/8 Ω)
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 100kHz(-3dB)
S/N Ratio LINE:107 dB, 20 Hz-100 kHz (+ 0,-3.0dB)
Line Inputs 4 x LINE, 2 x Balance, 1 x MM/MC(switchable), 1 x TAPE, 1 x Power Amp in
Line Outputs 1 x Pre-Amp out, 1 x TAPE, 1 x headphones
Speaker Outputs Speaker A/B switchable, Speaker A+B
Dimensions (W x H x D) 440 (W) x 193 (H) x 463 (including knob 20 front and back pin 37) (D) mm,
Weight (kg) 28.4 kg
Accessories RA-17A remote control, polarized power cord

Product Documentation

L-550Ax Owner's ManualL-590AX Owner’s Manual

L-550Ax and L-590Ax Brochure CoverL-590AX Brochure

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2 reviews for Luxman L-590AX II Pure Class A Integrated Amp

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Excellent performance.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    There is a world of difference between the 590ax 2 and my other Luxman amps 550ax and 505ux . The 590 is quieter much nicer build and the sound is to die for. Worth every penny.

    • The L-590 has long been our go-to recommendation for people looking for true high end performance in a single chassis. The L-590AX II is a nice improvement over its predecessor. The Darlington circuitry from the M-700 & M-900 definitely makes a difference to driving difficult load speakers.

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“Luxman, one of the world’s oldest and most revered audio manufacturers, enters its tenth decade of audio excellence with the arrival of the L-590AXII – the best integrated amplifier the company has ever produced. Beautifully built with a classic look and feel, the amp operates in pure Class A – a Luxman specialty – to deliver spellbinding clarity, exquisite sonic detail and fluid, free-breathing musicality.”

“This is proper old-school hi-fi…”

“The Luxman L-590AX arrived [a] few years ago like a hero—its meticulous craftsmanship married to the great sound resulted [in] one of the best buys in the integrated world. Yet the years of its reign are over—the new L-590AX Mark II takes over from its predecessor and pushes the performance another grade higher.”


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