Gryphon Colosseum Class A Stereo Amplifier

Product features

  • Pure Dual Mono configuration
  • Zero global negative feedback
  • 48 high current bipolar output transistors
  • 340,000 µF capacitor bank
  • Balanced circuit
  • DC servo-coupling
  • Gryphon Guideline silver internal wiring
  • Decoupled Printed Circuit Boards and transformer castings
  • Military spec. double-sided printed circuit boards
  • Two separate Holmgren toroidal transformers with internal magnetic shielding
  • Separate power supplies for digital and analogue circuits
  • Gold-plated Swiss Neutric XLR input sockets
  • Gold-plated custom-built binding posts
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Selectable automatic Green Bias setting or manual Low/Mid/High bias
  • Firmware upgrades via PC
  • Non-invasive protection system

A Contemporary Design Statement with a Pure Audiophile Heart

As we approach our milestone 25th anniversary, Gryphon Audio Designs can look back with pride on nearly a quarter of a century spent re-defining the state of the art in music listening for the domestic environment.

As the introduction of the breakthrough Colosseum Stereo Power Amplifier makes abundantly clear, Gryphon continues to define and refine the future of cutting edge home audio, selectively and critically incorporating emerging technological advances in the service of your listening pleasure.

Like every Gryphon product from the very beginning, the Gryphon Colosseum is designed by Gryphon founder and CEO, Flemming E. Rasmussen and manufactured in Denmark under his creative guidance.

Every Gryphon component reflects his training and experience as an artist and industrial designer, as his acclaimed aesthetic sensibilities imbues them with uniquely original form and functionality.

At Gryphon, form follows function as innovative engineering gives rise to the perfect fusion of sublime musicality and daring, imaginative design for enhanced pride of ownership even during those rare moments when your Gryphon system stands silent.

Gryphon makes a new level of innovative design and musical insight available to the fortunate few with the Colosseum Stereo Power Amplifier, the latest chapter in the adventure that is the Gryphon’s tale.

Curiosity and Ambition

Fittingly, the Gryphon’s tale is not the typical story of how a company created a product. Instead, it is the story of how a product created a company a quarter of a century ago, as Gryphon’s founder and a close-knit circle of talented friends created a product for their own use out of sheer unadulterated curiosity to see just how far performance could be taken if mundane concerns such as cost and conventional thinking were excluded from the creative process.

The result was a product (the now legendary Gryphon Head Amp) so far beyond the current state of the art in both technology and concept that it remains a much sought after cult component that even now can hold its own in performance and serves as a milestone reference for many audiophiles.

This “take no prisoners” approach would lay the foundation for all Gryphon products to come and that unbridled curiosity and ambition to reveal even more of the essence of every musical performance remain the driving force behind all our efforts to this very day.

Curiosity and ambition were sparked by the seemingly arrogant notion that Gryphon should not give people what they want, but instead offer them what they truly need, but just didn’t know it yet. Fortunately, a growing number of music lovers and dedicated audiophiles saw the value and validity of this approach, despite the substantial price of admission that makes Gryphon the exclusive reserve of a small circle of discerning individuals who insist on owning the very best.

By its very nature, Gryphon is likely to remain a brand name that many have heard of, some have had the rare opportunity to experience, but only a select few are fortunate enough to own.

This is the way it must be for a company driven solely by the desire to offer products that are not superseded by next year’s Spring collection, a company populated with opinionated individualists who can only find satisfaction in developing lasting technology and timeless industrial design that interfaces perfectly with the owner’s contemporary lifestyle.

Tower of Power

The eagerly anticipated Gryphon Colosseum is the first new Gryphon component since the Mirage preamplifier, the radical design experiment that laid the cornerstone for an esoteric third tier of Gryphon components. Representing the most comprehensive development project in Gryphon’s history, the Colosseum Stereo Power Amplifer will enhance any home audio system.

For ultimate convenience, the Colosseum can be configured to turn on automatically when the preamplifier turns on and to power down following a period with no signal. A software-based user interface permits easy, intuitive access to practical user-controlled features.

Gryphon Audio Designs remains committed to discrete circuitry and 100% Class A bias in the Gryphon Colosseum power amplifier, weighing in at 80 kg.

While the Colosseum takes Gryphon’s distinctive styling one step further, our ongoing commitment to uncompromising sound quality is reaffirmed by a wealth of details such as 2 x 160 Watts Pure Class A output power, 48 High-current bipolar output transistors, a 340,000 microFarad power capacitor bank and flat frequency response extending beyond 350 kHz.

The strict dual mono amplifier is suspended between the curved, de-coupled side panels in a unique configuration that provides optimal layout and operating conditions for all components. The dual transformers are isolated and effectively shielded to prevent unwanted interaction with other components.

Unique mechanical design ensures optimal thermal tracking between drivers and output devices. The separate driver section has its own power supply from individual windings on the custom-built toroidal transformers and features its own generous bank of proprietary Gryphon capacitors.

The output section employs Sanken bipolar output devices for extreme reliability in addition to outstanding sonic performance. These transistors deliver momentary peak power of 4,000 Watts per channel without overload. Each of the 48 transistors is bypassed with individual film capacitors.

In the best Gryphon tradition, the Colosseum utilizes a completely independent transformer and power supply for display and control circuits, creating an effective firewall that prevents digital noise generated by these circuits from reaching the amplifier circuits.

Negative feedback is not used and DC coupling is achieved with DC servo circuitry. Internal wiring in the signal path is kept to an absolute minimum. The finest Gryphon Guideline Reference silver cable is used throughout.

The Gryphon Colosseum is fitted with balanced inputs exclusively. Eliminating phono sockets in the signal path ensures the integrity of the sensitive audio signal.

The custom-built Gryphon speaker terminals accept bare wire, spade lugs, banana connectors for a tight, reliable connection.

Pure Class A and Green Bias

True Class A operation has always been a Gryphon benchmark, because there is no substitute for the sheer musical magic of pure Class A. The Colosseum operates in true Class A mode with maximum power instantaneously available at all times, for unrivalled speed, control and accuracy. Once you experience the effortless realism and musicality of pure Class A, there is no turning back.

For situations where full Class A operation is not required, the Gryphon Colosseum incorporates proprietary Green Bias circuitry, which automatically adjusts bias level to match the selected volume setting when paired with a Gryphon Mirage or Sonata Allegro preamplifier. Tracking bias in this way significantly reduces power consumption and heat generated by the amplifier without compromising Class A audio performance.

For use with a preamplifier without Green Bias, the Gryphon Colosseum also features three-step manual bias adjustment.

Your Design Statement

The slim, majestic oval-shaped high rise tower of the Gryphon Colosseum occupies minimal floor space. With end plates machined from solid blocks of 40 mm black polyvinylmethacrylate and smart, curved side panels of your choice, the Colosseum is a strikingly handsome minimalist sculpture that will enhance any space.
Uniquely, the design of your personal Gryphon Colosseum power amplifier is entirely up to you. Thanks to the modular construction of the sleekly curved side panels, your Gryphon dealer can remove and replace them easily, for custom styling options limited solely by the owner’s imagination.

Whenever you re-decorate or move, you can have your Gryphon Colosseum re-dressed and updated to always keep pace with your evolving personal style and interior decor.

This exclusive service and extraordinary level of flexibility was pioneered by Gryphon for our Atlantis, Trident and Poseidon loudspeaker systems and remains unique in home audio. It is our philosophy that the Gryphon owner deserves not only sound quality to the highest audiophile standards, but also a personalised design statement equally pleasing to the eye.

An Aspirational Ideal

A new component from Gryphon Audio Designs is always a noteworthy event in and of itself. Gryphon product introductions are exceedingly rare, because our carefully considered designs immediately take a well deserved place at the forefront of their field and maintain that elevated status for many years.

Just as a Formula One racing machine can raise the standard and inspire the competition as well as makers of conventional street legal vehicles for years to come, each Gryphon component takes audio technology and the understanding of music reproduction to new heights that serve as inspiration for others and have made Gryphon Audio Designs a force to be reckoned with in High End audio for two and a half decades.

As always throughout our history, it is the mission of the Gryphon Colosseum Stereo Power Amplifier to deliver the best of both worlds, superb musical performance allied with a rarefied design aesthetic to make an uncompromising statement that the proud Gryphon owner instinctively respects and appreciates.

For a first-hand experience of the extraordinary musical universe that a Gryphon system can create, we cordially invite you to seek out your local authorized Gryphon Audio Designs showroom.

Specifications & Dimensions

2 x 160W, 8Ω, 115V/230V AC supply
Output impedance: 0.023Ω
Bandwidth (-3 dB): 0.3Hz to above 350 kHz
Power Supply Capacity: 340,000 µF
Gain: +31.5 dB
Input Impedance (20 Hz – 20 kHz): 20 kΩ

76x27x63 cm (HxWxD), 80 kg net weight
88x50x76 cm (HxWxD), 110 kg shipping weight


Gryphon Custom Finishes

The look of your personal Gryphon speaker or Colosseum power amplifier is entirely up to you.

The following products have a modular construction with exchangeable sidepanels for custom styling options limited solely by your imagination:

Atlantis, Trident and Poseidon speaker series
Colosseum power amplifier

This exclusive service and extraordinary level of flexibility was pioneered by Gryphon for the Cantata loudspeaker system and remains unique in home audio.

It is our philosophy that the Gryphon owner deserves not only sound quality to the highest audiophile standards, but also a personalised design statement equally pleasing to the eye.

Whenever you re-decorate or move, you can have your Gryphon product re-dressed and updated to always keep pace with your personal style and interior decor. Instead of a lifetime commitment, the design of your Gryphon home entertainment system can be a personal journey of constant renewal and re-invention.

Below finishes are examples of popular choices. Let us know what You would like. You are even allowed to change your mind later – almost anything is possible. As an example we have shipped an Atlantis speaker Alligator version (artificial) to a client.

Not all finishes may be available to all products. Some finishes are subject to surcharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Can there ever be a perfect audio component? Conventional wisdom says no. But experiencing the Colosseum leaves little to be desired. It is a rewarding component to listen to, to interact with, and to gaze on. For its considerable price, the joy it brings its owner is substantial, and such joy is a prerequisite for any product’s being named a Recommended Reference Component. The Gryphon Audio Designs Colosseum is such a component, and more.”

“Ultimately, though, after many comparisons and much thought and consternation, I can say that the Gryphons edged out the Boulders in terms of my own musical enjoyment. They just made music feel more alive, more human, and that made me want to listen more. And I did, night after night.”

“As usual, the Danish designer has not skimped on the concept and build quality of the two electronic jewels dubbed the Mirage preamplifier and Colosseum power amplifier. Frankly, we had been quite take with the sonic performance of their integrated Diablo. It appears that the envelope has been pushed much further back with the Mirage/Colosseum pairing, which deserves to be regarded as a sonic reference that will go down in the history of high fidelity. The exclusive build and pedigree of each component are combined with perfectly optimized technical solutions mastered by the makers. The breathtaking performance manifests itself to the listener as a neutral rendering, subtle and captivating, yet capable of expanding from a whisper to a blast of notes at the slightest prompting. The radical cosmetic aesthetics add a touch of elite distinction essential in products of total sonic transparency. Stunning.”

Haute Fidélité, July 2010, France

soundstage ultra select component gryphon colosseum 2011

SoundStage! Ultra – Select Component 2011

soundstage hi-fi recommended reference component gryphon colosseum 2011

SoundStage! Hi-Fi – Recommended Reference Component 2011