The new M-700u combines the high performance aspects of the M-600a with the latest version 4.0 of the ODNF circuit, improving distortion characteristics whilst is capable of a configuring with a wide variety of speaker systems including the use of a BLT connection. The stereo amplifier is finished with classic Luxman large needle-type analog displays as in higher-end models.

Attached equipment:

  • Main power switch
  • Input switch
  • Phase inverter switch
  • Display switch
  • Balanced input terminal
  • Signal ground terminal
  • Ac inlet
  • Operation switch
  • BTL selection switch
  • power meters
  • Unbalanced input terminal
  • Speaker Terminal
  • Remote input terminal
Item Value
Continuous rated output (stereo) 120 W + 120 W (8 Ω)
210 W + 210 W (4 Ω)
Continuous rated output (BTL) 420 W (8 Ω)
Continuous rated output (BTL) 840 W + 840 W (1 Ω)
Instantaneous maximum output (stereo) 840 W + 840 W (1 Ω)
Instantaneous maximum output (BTL) 1680 W (2 Ω)
Input sensitivity 1.1 V/120 W, load 8 Ω
Gain 29.0 dB
Input impedance LINE 51 kΩ
Total harmonic distortion 0.009 % or less/1kHz · 120 W, load 8 Ω
0.1 % or less/20Hz-20 kHz
Frequency response +0, −0.1dB/20Hz-20kHz
+0, −3.0dB/1Hz-130kHz
S/N ratio 115 dB (IHF-A weighted, input short)
Damping factor 350
Power consumption 370 W
110 W (under no signal)
0.4 W (at standby)
Power supply 230 V ~ (50 Hz)
Max. external dimensions 440 (W) × 190 (H) × 427 (D)mm
Weight 27.5 kg

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Press Reviews

Hi-Fi+ Logo“As a pair the Luxmans are sumptuous without being overblown, sweetened or smoothed, and anything with tonal depth sounds more convincing than usual….
The Luxman pairings ability to reveal detail is largely because the noise floor is so low: put on a multi-layered recording and you hear the layers, all the effects, and the precise nature of the image.

“The M-700u taken alone is a powerful and subtle beast… There is no sense of the amp gripping the speaker but the layers it uncovers in the mix show that distortion is being kept at bay, its not an iron fist but its grip is smooth and firm.

“Luxman remains a brand to be contended with, its sound is ultra refined, which means that it can deliver a fully render4ed, high resolution sound that is tonally stronger than a great many solid stae designs. This combined with world class build and finish quality make the C-700u control amp and the M-700u a very attractive proposition to anyone looking to discover what we mean by high-end. The price to performance and build ratio is impressive and should ensure that this venerable brand goes on to make its name with a new generation of music lovers.”

Jason Kennedy, HiFi+ Issue 132

Stereophile“The huge family resemblance of the M-700u to the M-600A overshadows their few sonic differences, which I had mostly to strain to hear. With Ella Fitzgerald’s performance of “Easy To Love,” there was a trivially greater impression of the tape hiss before the music begins through the M-700u than through the M-600A. This gave the M-700u’s sound an ever-so-slightly “Modern” feel, as well as slightly more frowardness and spatial specificity…Furthermore, the M-700u’s 120WPC had no trouble getting what sounded like almost a full octave more bass extension out of the Wilson Benesch Square Ones than had the M-600A.

“The 30WPC M-600A could be the last amplifier for the right listener with the right speakers. But the 120WPC M-700u, which debuts costing 11% more ($9990) is more an amplifier for all seasons: very well done, highly recommended and in my opinion a solid pick for Class A of ‘Recommended Components’.”

John Marks, Stereophile June 2015

SoundStage! logo“I was thrilled to see Luxman’s new M-700u. At $9900 and about two-thirds the size of the M-900u, the M-700u is…(120Wpc into 8Ω), and appears built and styled just as well…it seems to offer the same kind of sound quality as the M-900u—the sound of it driving a pair of Vivid Audio’s Oval V1.5 speakers was incredibly good. For its price, the M-700u looks like a steal—it puts cost-no-object performance and build within reach of more people. If you’re considering spending up to ten grand on an amp, don’t overlook this gem.”

Doug Schneider, SoundStage! Hi-Fi February 2015


SoundStage! Best of CES 2015 Award

SoundStage! – Best of CES 2015