To celebrate their 90th Anniversary, Luxman has produced the MQ-300, a low powered stereo amplifier, built to deliver the highest quality music performance.

Using a design akin to Luxman’s original MB-300 model of 1984, the company isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but just make it look and sound much better than before. Using original oil capacitors and various other design characteristics of the older model, the MQ-300 has been crafted to provide a full tone range of audio to make your music sound as natural as possible. Set in a walnut wood frame with a red piano lacquer finish and combined with a steel chassis, the MQ-300 is a terrific way for Luxman to celebrate their 90th Anniversary.

Independent left & right power supply circuit.

Extra thick, highly rigid chassis minimizes external vibration and resonance. 1.6 mm steel chassis, 2mm thick steel bottom plate and a 12mm aluminum top panel, ensures that the delicate audio signal will not be colored by external forces and will allow the music to be enjoyed unadulterated.

Item Value
Rated Output 8W + 8W (4,6,8Ω)
Input Sensitivity 490mV (8Ω)
Input impedance 240kΩ
Frequency characteristic 20Hz ~ 20kHz (+ 0.3, -1.5dB)
10Hz ~ 30kHz (+ 0.3, -3.0dB)
Total harmonic distortion Less than 1% (1kHz / 8Ω / 1W)
S / N ratio (IHF-A) 105dB
Circuit system Driver: Parallel connection two-stage amplification output: Shea Single configuration and self-bias circuit Overall: non-feedback amplification
Use vacuum tube 5AR4 (SOVTEK) × 2
TA-300B (Takatsuki electronics industry) x 2
Power-supply voltage AC115V (50 / 60Hz)
Power consumption 160W (in accordance with the provisions of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)
160W (when there is no signal)
External Dimensions 460 (width) × 237 (height) × 340 (depth) mm
Depth includes a rear terminal 36mm
Net weight 64 lb. 29.0kg (body), 80 lb. 36.5kg (shipping)
Accessories Power Cable
Speaker terminal corresponding Y lug dimensions a partial width: 16mm or less
b partial width: 7mm or more
*Y depending on the shape of the lug may not be installed.

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“Instantly imposing, the MQ-300 avoids every cliche by having no flaws: perfect finish, top-quality tubes, superior terminals—even the on/off button screams “luxury”… High price, low power—Luxman bucks the trend with the ultra-retro MQ-300 all-valve amplifier, a glorious, modern take on traditional Japanese purist amplification.”


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