Why has Luxman kept the legend alive for so many years? The times may belong to mass production and mass distribution, but Luxman has always aspired—and will continue to aspire—to be the creator of products for an elite group of music lovers for whom audio is a cultural endeavor. Luxman will not be influenced by trends—we are committed to engineering products that are in a class by themselves. They are simply superior by any standard.

While Luxman has been producing world-class vacuum tube amplifiers for nearly fifty years, it might have gone unnoticed that their CD players have been winning the highest awards for over twenty years.

To best compliment the SQ-38u vacuum tube integrated amplifier, Luxman has produced a CD player that can recreate real music. The D-38u is the only CD player that Luxman produces today that offers the music lover the choice of both solid-state and vacuum tube output stages. At the flick of a switch on the front panel, you can choose the output stage most appropriate for the CD you would like to listen to.

The vacuum tube output stage offers a rich harmonic structure, while the solid state output stage is capable of offering greater bass definition & articulation as well as a clearer high frequency response.

Using the D-38u’s remote control unit, you can not only operate the CD player itself, but also access the basic control functions of the Luxman SQ-38u.

The SQ-38u and the D-38u are heirloom musical instruments that can be happily inherited by the next generation of music lovers.

Item Value
Vacuum Tube Compliment ECC82 x 1
Frequency Response 4Hz ~ 20kHz
Power Consumption 20W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 400 x 168 x 280 (mm)
Weight 9kg
Accessories: Remote control (RA-N3)

Product Documentation

D-38u_manual_coverLuxman D-38u Owner’s Manual

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Press Reviews

“Luxman makes exceptional digital playback equipment, including the D-38u CD player ($4,000). It complements the look and sound of the SQ-38u amp and features a unique front-panel switch that allows the listener to select vacuum-tube or solid-state output. Vocals and acoustic instruments sound warmer and more open with the tube circuit…A window on the front panel exposes the glowing valve—a warm reminder of the time when vacuum tubes ruled the audio world. A wood-trimmed remote control enables Eames-lounge-chair potatoes to take command of the D-38u without budging.”

Hi-Fi News logo“…an elegant-sounding, if subdued player, designed as it should have been…to match a deliciously retro all-valve integrated.”


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