Luxman PD-171AL Turntable

$6,300 $4,275

Luxman’s belt-driven analog armless turntable.

Luxman PD-171A or PD-171 were outfitted with Jelco 10″ SA-250 arm. We prefer the 750’s.

Inquire about our recommendations and options for arms, cartridge, phono cable, and decoupling system to get the best out of this beautiful sounding table that holds its own when compared with other higher priced counterpart.

Inquire about our optional piano black trim finish.

Since the highly admired introduction of the PD-171 into the market in 2011, Luxman turntables have been renowned to deliver a sense of atmosphere that can only be achieved through the medium of vinyl, that every vinyl enthusiast strives to achieve. The PD-171A now has a highly rigid main chassis and heavy base ensuring stable rotation. Additional improvements to the motor, drive circuit and bearing section have also been made. The PD-171AL is supplied without the tone arm, with the option of customizing the turntable so you can enjoy the playback of vinyl to your exact tastes.

Luxman PD-171AL Features

Electric Circuit

  • Introduction of newly developed high-torque AC Motor
  • Motor drive uses similar circuit structure to high power amps
  • High-precision clock controlled generator circuit with 32-bit microphone embedded.
  • Reflective view type LED stroboscobe useful for adjustments to speed


  • Belt drive aluminium machining heavy turntable (5.0kg) utilizing high inertia moment (approx 0.7t.2)
  • Hanging vibration-damping structure with 15mm thick machined aluminium plate
  • High-rigidity 16mm spindle with ball bearing for stable rotation
  • Wear-resistant and load-bearing polyether ketone (PEEK) material used in the bearing section
  • Floating mounted power transformer and AC motor
  • Hybrid vibration-damping structure with wood and metal
  • Large-sized insulator with height adjustment function directly secured to aluminium chassis.


  • Traditional wood-paneled design
  • AC inlet on rear panel for easy replacement of power cable
  • Detachable high-intensity LED stylus light
  • Cam support for 4mm acrylic dust cover (opens and closes via light)
Luxman PD-171AL Specs
Item Value
Drive System Belt drive system
Motor Reaction and AC synchronous motor
Platter 30cm machined aluminium plate
Revolution 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm (2 speeds selectable)
Revolution adjustment range 5% (each rotation speed adjusts independently)
Wow and flutter 0.04% or less (W.R.M.S)
Power source 230v (50 Hz)
Power consumption 38w
Dimensions (WxHxD) 492 x 140 (up to top face of platter), 195 (with dust cover mounted) x 407mm

luxman_manual_coverLuxman PD-171AL Owner’s Manual

luxman pdf-171al leafletLuxman PD-171AL Leaflet

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Hi-Fi News logo“The Luxman PD-171’s stylish if retro exterior conceals a design that is absolutely contemporary. With stunning engineering and intelligent digital control electronics the PD-171 is a delight to use. It offers a captivating musical performance.”

robb_report_logo“Blue Note Records classics such as Wayne Shorter’s Speak No Evil, remastered on a 45 rpm LP, rendered Shorter’s tenor sax with body, timbre, and explosive dynamics that placed the horn right in the room. Bach’s Art of the Fugue, performed on organ by Charles Krigbaum and pressed on a rare 45 rpm Mark Levinson LP from 1976, plumbed the depths; one could feel the pipes moving the air in a large, reverberant hall.”

Positive Feedback Online logo“The Luxman PD-171 establishes such a high standard for the sound quality that can be had at this price point, it’s bound to make many of us recalibrate our expectations and budget for a turntable purchase. You can save your pennies, but who wants to listen to pennies? My new plan of action is to make sure I’m listening to records right now, and not pining for some lottery win turntable, but to also steadily work for the vast improvement that the next level can produce. If you’re ready to reach that destination right now by purchasing a Luxman PD-171/Brinkmann Pi combination right now, I think you’ll be very pleased, indeed. Highly recommended.”

Stereophile“The music blossomed into the room with stunning presence and lifelike scale. This was luxurious sound with a beautiful sense of space, natural attacks, and long, lovely decays.”

Stephen Mejias, Stereophile, CAS 2011


Audio Excellence Award Turntable Category 2014