Gryphon PS2 MM/MC Phonostage

Gryphon Audio Designs has consistently offered unswavering support to the LP format with high performance MC/MM phonostages as optional modules for installation in preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers at all price points across our product range.

Based on the legendary Legato phonostage, the Gryphon MM/MC Phono Module is a true dual-mono design for enhanced channel separation, capable of extracting every musical detail for ultimate realism.

More than 30 years after the introduction of the compact disc, the LP still represents the largest selection of recorded music on any storage medium in human history. Therefore, we believe it is essential that Gryphon owners have full access to the artistic vision captured for all time by this high-resolution format.

Integrated amplifiers and the Athena preamplifier can be ordered with the Phono Module factory-installed. The module can also be added to the Diablo 300, Diablo, Atilla or Athena at a later date.

Moving coil (MC): 64dB
Moving magnet (MM): 42dB
Moving Coil (MC): 20 or 100 Ohm
Moving Magnet (MM): 47 kOhm/200pf
S/N ratio:
MC Input 250mV 1kHz : >72dB
MM Input 2.5mV 1kHz : >84dB
Input impedance in MC mode
With the (red) jumper placed to the right side of the jumper sockets (JP101) and (JP301) the input impedance will be 100 Ohm in MC mode.
With the jumper placed to the left side of the jumper socket the input impedance will be 20 Ohm in MC mode.
Input impedance in MM mode
The input impedance in MM mode is 47kOhm/200pF.
Switching between MM and MC
The selection of MC or MM is made with jumpers JP100, JP102, JP104, JP300, JP302, and JP304

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