The Artesania Aire Floor Platform is a single level rack meant for single components, such as a heavy amp. It is modeled after the Artesania Exoteryc Rack.

Artesania Aire Floor Platform Features

Isolation Discs

Support each of the electronic components (without any need for shelves). Easy installation facilitated by an elastic insert which provides stability to place electronic components on the adjustable spikes.

Teflon Cylinders

Support the internal structure and isolates from the external structure. (Diameter 38 mm)

Decoupling Base

Stainless steel discs support the spikes of the uprights. Two types of floor pads are included, with different sonic behavior, depending on the room acoustics.

Linear Arms

Arms made from anti-magnetic stainless steel. The arms hold adjustable spikes (can be located in different positions) also support isolating discs and damping pads. Total flexibility in different positions and easy to change. This system allows to set up the best support position to place electronic components.

Internal Suspended Structure

Isolated from external structure. Eliminates vibrations that are transmitted from solid and acoustic sources through the creation of decouples; steel needles supported on isolating discs. These provide extra tiers of anti-resonant protection. This suspended audio rack has a triple decoupling.

Accessories included

Includes set of 4 stainless steel decoupling bases with 2 sets of floor pads— neoprene and white teflon discs to use depending on room acoustics treatment.


Gunmetal is the standard color. For black or silver, there is a 10% up charge.

Artesania Aire Floor Platform Specs
Item kg lb
Rack Weight 19 41
Internal Structure Weight Supported 200 440
Artesania Aire Floor Platform Dimensions
Dimensions cm
Total height 23.5
Internal distance between legs 55
Note: Any electronic dimension supported on top of platform.

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