Artesania Exoteryc Rack – 3 Level Tandem

The Artesania Exoteryc Rack eliminates resonances caused by the vibration of various audio components by isolating each one from the external structure. Experience neutral sound reproduction with the largest Exoteryc rack—the 3 level tandem rack.

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Artesania Exoteryc Rack Features


A stainless steel, anti-magnetic structure supports a specially treated base to set up a turntable or other components.

Stainless steel top attachments on rack uprights

Each top is made with conical recess to support the spikes of the turntable platform.

External Structure

The external structure is made of metal filled with special particles and elastomers. The uprights have a diameter of 60 mm. These factors create a rack heavy, resistant and stable. The resonance coefficient of the structure is significantly lowered. The paint used is textured for diffusion purposes.

Internal Suspended Structure

Isolated from external structure. Eliminates vibrations that are transmitted from solid and acoustic sources through the creation of decouples; steel needles supported on isolating discs. These provide extra tiers of anti-resonant protection. This suspended audio rack has a triple decoupling.

Internal Frame

These frames are adjustable in height to place any size of component properly. They are locked on the vertical stainless steel bars of the suspended structure.

Teflon Cylinders

Support the internal structure and isolates from the external structure. (Diameter 38 mm)

Earth Terminal

To connect electronics (essential for phono).

Bridge Bar

Height variable rear rods strengthen the external structure to guarantee stability and ensure free easy access to install components.

Linear Arms

Arms made from anti-magnetic stainless steel. The arms hold adjustable spikes (can be located in different positions) also support isolating discs and damping pads. Total flexibility in different positions and easy to change. This system allows to set up the best support position to place electronic components.

Isolation Discs

Support each of the electronic components (without any need for shelves). Easy installation facilitated by an elastic insert which provides stability to place electronic components on the adjustable spikes.

Stabilizer Bar

Located in the internal structure they stop the tiniest pendular movement of the internal structure. Four in each rack, located at the lowest part of the internal structure.

Decoupling Base

Stainless steel discs support the spikes of the uprights. Two types of floor pads are included, with different sonic behavior, depending on the room acoustics. Check manual to use the proper pads for the bases.

Accessories included


Special anti-magnetic & anti-vibration 5 lb dampers—one damper for each level to avoid parasitic vibrations.

Decoupling Bases & Damping pads

Includes set of 4 stainless steel decoupling bases with 2 sets of floor pads— neoprene and white teflon discs to use depending on room acoustics treatment.

Isolation discs

Includes neoprene and white teflon discs to use depending on room acoustics treatment.


Gunmetal is the standard color. For black or silver, there is a 10% up charge.

Artesania Exoteryc 3 Level Tandem Rack Specs
Item kg lb
Rack Weight 84 185
Internal Structure Weight Supported 250 551
Platform Weight Supported
(Treated Glass or Krion)
150 330
Weight Supported Rack and Platform
(Glass and Krion)
400 880
Artesania Exoteryc 3 Level Tandem Rack Dimensions
Dimensions cm
Total height 73
Internal distance between legs 55
External distance between legs 128
Total depth 52.5
Net space between tiers 92
Usable depth Adaptable on depth

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“The Artesania Exoteryc is quite simply the best audio rack that I have used. Not only is it flawless in design and adjustability; soundwise it is also perfect and a massive improvement over any rack that I have used. It takes the best qualities of Finite Elemente’s Spider Rack and adds tonal richness, better low level resolution, deeper black, a more solid soundstage with better focus, deeper, more powerful bass and a superbly natural sound. And it does all this while retaining treble fluidity and airyness, overall articulation and dynamic expression.”

“The most stunning audio rack I have ever seen, and my new reference.”

Hi-Fi+ Logo“The Artesania…strives to limit the sound of the table, instead relying on the sound of the components in the system to deliver the sonic goods. And that can make good things sound truly remarkable. When the best of the best sits on the Artesania, they raise their game.”

“The Exoteryc screams high quality with zero glitter. The Esoteryc comes to do a job. And I love its ulitarian dress code.”

“An Ultimate Performance Rack of Great Flexibility and Demonstrable Efficacy”

“Remarkably solid and minimalist in design and concept, yet we found it easy to hear this tubular metal rack’s sonic benefits. The Exoteryc isolates each component independently by way of its Acoustic Anti-Resonance Treatment technology. Don’t know how to explain its sound because it really doesn’t have one. Incredibly neutral. Made my previous rack sound dull and colored in the frequency extremes. The Exoteryc’s cleaner highs and quieter lows improved the overall solidity and control of my system.”

Artesania Exoteryc Blue Moon Award 2012 – Blue Moon Award 2012