Eclipse TD508MK3


TD508MK3 features Eclipse’s newly developed 8cm fiberglass drive unit and a new range of adjustment and flexibility, making TD508MK3 the perfect option for discerning Hi-Fi and home theatre aficionados.

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The Eclipse TD508MK3 speakers continue the precedent established by their fabulous bigger siblings in the range, but with a compact 8 cm (3″) aperture that improves high-frequency performance while producing tight low-frequency performance that is remarkable for its size. The MK3 version has a wider frequency range than its MK2 predecessor, with finer resolution, and more “weight” to the sound.

Price shown is for a pair of speakers. Eclipse TD508MK3s can be used on a desktop or shelf with the included adjustable stands, on a wall using optional CB1 brackets, or on optional 508DMK3 stands.

Eclipse speakers are designed by Fujitsu Ten, a specialist off-shoot of the Japanese electronics giant, Fujitsu. The “TD” in each speakers model designation stands for “Time Domain” technology, which represents a fundamental re-engineering of speaker design, both in terms of form and function, and which is intended to maintain the time and phase integrity of the source recording and to have no acoustic signature itself.

Fundamental to TD technology is the use of a single, high-precision driver, housed in a egg-shaped rear-vented enclosure made of rigid material with the strength and density of marble. The driver is designed to “float” within the enclosure.

Since their introduction, Eclipse speakers have swept the music industry, becoming the speakers of choice for many professionals, including musician/record producer Brian Eno, guitarist John Williams, and composer Michael Nyman. Ten time Grammy award winner Jim Anderson (recording engineer) swears by their performance; their ability to reveal a recording’s quality – whether the microphone was overloaded, for example. The small diameter drive-unit gives an excellent impulse response, making it capable of waveform-faithful reproduction – something larger diameter speakers just cannot do.

It gives all the superior phase characteristics of point sources: clearly defined audio image localization, and the natural propagation of sound. The result – tight, crisp, vivid sound reproduction in both the high-frequency range and, with astonishing strength, in the low-frequency range.

With an amplifier of at least moderate power, Eclipse speakers present music with transparency, unprecedented clarity, unaffected by resonances, colorations or time and phase distortion effects.

8cm Diameter Full-Range Speaker System
Colour Available Silver Black White
Speaker Unit 8cm Diameter Full-Range, Fibreglass
Frequency Response 52Hz-27kHz(-10dB)
Input Resistance (Rating/Max) 15W/30W
Angle Adjustment On Pedestal:-10°~30°
On Ceiling:10°~-75° On Wall:20°~75°
Maximum Dimensions (mm)
Weight (per Speaker) Approx. 3.5kg
Accessories Grille x 1

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Eclipse 2014 All Products Brochure PDFEclipse TD 2014 Catalog

TD508MK3 Manual in English PDFTD508MK3 Manual
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SoundStage! logo“…immersive, cohesive soundstage that stretches from wall to wall…as if my room’s front wall had opened up into the recording venue…”

“In the end, these are really convincing speakers. They are unique in the way they reproduce music, but perhaps they deviate more from the way speakers sound than the way music sounds. They’re not for big rooms or those seeking sound the size of Texas. They’re precision machines made for small spaces or near field listening in larger spaces. If you stay within those parameters, you should be very impressed by what they’re able to do that other speakers cannot…”



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