Ten years in the making; the original Giya G1 was launched at CES 2007. The Vivid Giya G1 Spirit builds on the already stellar performance of the G1 but adds considerably more LF as well as more tonal color / tonal density to the mid-range. Builds on the crossover originally designed for the B1 Decade, delivers crystal clear, extended highs and unparalleled performance. The woofers have greater excursion with double the power handling. The external crossover must be a good idea, as we know from the Artesania equipment racks how sensitive our audio gear is to vibration. Inside the cabinet those pistonic woofers generate a HUGE amount of pressure.

The 2017 spec Giya G1 is no slouch with the integral screen tweeters and the mids and HF design crossover from the B1 Decade, but the Spirit takes the Giya performance to a different plane. Definitely a contender for the Best Loudspeaker Design Ever! It ticks all the boxes: lowest distortion, highest resolution, linear performance and true full frequency response (no subs needed).

Features and Improvements


Proportions – The tweeters in the new design are now at the average listeners ear level for greater focus. As you can see the bigger woofers are too deep to fit in a regular G1.

Optional Outboard Crossover

Optional Outboard Crossover – Spirit cabinet has two extra layers of CNC machined carbon skinned composite grids, where the crossover was in the G1, so the cabinet is stiffer.

Bass Drive Unit

Bass Drive Unit – With twice the motor driving those light weight woofers and 50% greater excursion. These will move a serious amount of air.

Coil & Magnet

Coil and magnet – Besides the greater motor, the voice coil has increased by almost 50% in diameter. The magnets are no longer behind the voice coil but encapsulating them for a more efficient transfer of flux (magnetic energy).


The lower mid-range woofers have been considerably beefed up. Should provide more mid-range resolution as well as tonal color & density. There is now a carbon-fiber stiffening round around the magnesium / aluminum alloy foil assembly which pushes the first break-up of the driver from 4.2kHz over over 10kHz.


Grilles – The integral tweeter screens first seen in the B1 Decade are also available in the Spirit

One-Piece Moulded Absorber Tubes

One-Piece Moulded Absorber Tube – These tapered tubes channel the back-wave energy, down a continually tapered tube, thereby compressing the energy and at the end of the tube which is filled with fiber the audio energy is converted into heat.
Item Value
Configuration: 4 way, 5 driver system
Cabinet Material: Glass reinforced balsa cored sandwich composite
Standard Cabinet Colours: Piano Black or Pearl White
Bespoke Cabinet Colours: Bespoke colour options available upon request
High Frequency Driver: Vivid Audio D26 (patented) – 26mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading
Mid Frequency Driver: Vivid Audio D50 (patented) — 50mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading
Lower-Mid Driver: Vivid Audio C125-75s – 125mm alloy/carbon diaphragm with 75mm voice coil
Bass Drivers: 2 x C225-100 – 225mm alloy diaphragm with 100mm voice coil in 45mm gap
Bass Loading: Exponentially tapered tube enhanced bass reflex
Sensitivity: 92dB @ 2.83VRMS at 1m on axis
Nominal Impedance (Ω): 6Ω nominal, 3Ω minimum at 20KHZ no phase shift at Zmin
Frequency range (hz): – 6dB points: 25 –36,000 Hz
First D26 Break Up mode: 44,000 Hz
Frequency response (hz): 29 – 33,000Hz +/- 2dB on reference
Harmonic distortion: < 3% over frequency range (2nd and 3rd harmonics)
Crossover frequencies (Hz): 220, 880 & 3,500 Hz
Power handling (music program): 1600 watts rms
Dimensions: H x W x D(mm): 63” (1600mm) H x 17.3” (440mm) W x 32.3” (820mm) D
Net Weight: 176 lb. (80kg) [190 lb. (86kg) with cross over]

Vivid GIYA user manual coverVivid G1 Spirit Intro

Vivid GIYA user manual coverVivid G1 Spirit Info Sheet

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Press Reviews

“… This unusual looking loudspeaker is exceptionally accomplished in respect of power handling, dynamics, midrange transparency and stereo imaging while also knitting everything together in a wonderfully cohesive and natural way.  The result is a delightful sound that yields so much more than the sum of its not inconsiderable parts.  It is surely one of the greatest speakers currently on sale, at any price…”

Keith Howard & David Price, Hi-Fi News January 2018

“Vivid Audio’s Giya G1 Spirit is, in general, one of the finest speakers I’ve heard — and for rock, it’s the best I’ve heard. It can play insanely loud — by comparison, other speakers sound tame with rock. The G1 Spirit’s tonal neutrality and super-low levels of audible distortion check the boxes that qualify it as a true high-fidelity performer.”

“Giya G1 Spirit has the bold, visceral, incisive sound that’s been the hallmark of every Vivid speaker I’ve heard, and enough bass power and weight to render a subwoofer superfluous.”


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