Vivid GIYA G4S2

Vivid GIYA G4S2—Smallest GIYA in the line. 39.7″ tall with trickle down technology and benefits from G1 Spirit & B1 Decade

Tightened values from advanced crossover design

  • Enhanced midrange clarity
  • Richer and warmer midrange experience
  • Increase in resolution
  • Lowered noise floor
  • Crystal clear highs

Integral screens for tweeter and upper mid drivers

  • Rid of unpleasant cosmetic damage
  • Rid of audio performance compromise from wafer thin foil assembly damage by “wandering fingers”

Enhanced stiffer cabinet design.  In-house production with CNC machined internal bracing and new metal badge on front baffle

  • Reduced cabinet resonance 20 to 1
  • Delineates Series 2 from original
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