Merging PL8 Multichannel (8) NADAC+Player (requires the purchase of a Roon subscription)

$13,500 $9,405

MERGING+PLAYER restores the concept of the audiophile music server and makes your life simple again. The combination of the best music player available and the best sounding DAC allows you to access your music library from a tablet and connect directly to your amplifier or listen on headphones with the purest sound ever. It doesn’t get any simpler!

MERGING+NADAC and MERGING+PLAYER share the exact same audio specifications and features as described below.

MQA compatible, MERGING+PLAYER enjoys an additional CPU that allows running RoonCore on Linux RoonOS and implements a Roon Endpoint. It connects internally through Ravenna to the MERGING+NADAC hardware and enjoys then the exact same characteristics and flexibility as an external computer running Roon.  It does require a Roon subscription.

The 8 channel version of the Merging Player can be set at any time to operate in 8 discrete channel mode, or stereo mode to enjoy the same advantages of merging 8 into to 2 channels as the stereo version.