Eclipse’s first high-end subwoofer, the TD725SW, released in 2006 won high praise and earned numerous awards globally, for accurate and high-speed bass reproduction. For the MK2 versions, from performance to functionality all aspects have been improved, not to mention that the aesthetic design has been made friendlier, it’s now available in a true piano black lacquer. For those looking for a more compact subwoofer, we offer the Eclipse TD520SW using 8″ woofers and a 250 watt on-board amplifier and all the same controls as its larger sibling, the TD725SWMK2.

By using original technologies, we have achieved accurate bass playback combining power & speed, regardless of stereo or multi-channel, making it possible to get closer to a sophisticated sound space and an ideal listening environment.

Eclipse Time Domain speakers have a faster transient response than anything else on the market and finding a complimentary subwoofer was impossible, so we made our own. These two subwoofers react faster and time better than any competitors, which makes them astonishingly musical & accurate.

Anyone who wants an accurate foundation for their music and movies without the bombast, stumbling bass and overhang that most subs deliver, should look at these new Eclipse TD models.

R2R Twin Driver = World Class High Speed Playback

The Eclipse TD520SW subwoofer supports two powerful 8″ drivers in a back to back configuration, linked by an aluminum bar. The design combines small diameter driver speed with large diameter driver power (250 watts). The drivers are decoupled from the cabinet (reaction cancelling), so that the cabinet does not resonate with the music. The result, the clearest, fastest, tightest bass, devoid of coloration. Place a glass of water on top of the sub and crank up the music – you are only listening to the drivers, not the cabinet! By the way, these subs work extremely well with electrostatic panel speakers such as QUAD, Martin log, Soundlab and others.

Need to make adjustments for set-up ? Not a problem with the remote control , adjustments & fine tuning can be made from the listening chair.

Making perfect frequency

High power and accuracy have become possible thanks to revolutionary design.

Two 10″ drive-units are mounted horizontally back-to-back, connected with an aluminum shaft (patent pending).

A unique in-phase driving system creates a virtual infinite ground anchor. It delivers the stability and rigidity necessary for the ideal piston action.

Special material lets the drive-units float, suppressing unwanted vibration from the enclosure. This and other original technologies make TD725SWMK2 the world’s finest example of high-speed low-frequency reproduction.

A high-power 500W amplifier optimizes the performance of the two 10″ drive-units by maximizing the internal cubic capacity of the enclosure. It also ensures high linearity and therefore accuracy, even at maximum output levels.

A bypass function for the low pass filter means there’s no time delay in low frequencies when dedicated output is available.

A wide choice of input/output connections gives more flexibility for a variety of systems, such as 5.1 surround sound. The XLR input terminals give compatibility with professional AV processors. There is even a selector for 2.1 and 5.1 playback, accessible from the remote control.

Model TD510ZMK2
2x20cm Diameter Subwoofers
Colour Black
Configuration R2R Twin Drive-Units, Sealed Enclosure
Speaker Unit 2 x 20cm Diameter Driver, Paper(Kevlar)
Frequency Response 25Hz-150Hz (-10dB) (at Bass Mode, L.P.F. 150Hz)
Rated Output 250W(T.H.D.1%)
L.P.F 30Hz-150Hz(Variable, On & Off)
Phase Adjustment 0/180° (Remote Control or Front Panel)
Play Mode Bass/Direct (Remote Control or Front Panel))
Harmonic Distortion 0.05% Max (at 50Hz, 1/2 Rated Output)
S/N 95dB Minimum
Input Line (Stereo) 2 / Speaker Level 1
Input Sensitivity 50mVrms(at 500W Output)
Input Impedance 10kΩ by Line/XLR
3kΩ by Speaker Level
Output Line (Stereo) 1 / Speaker Level 1
Power Consumption 65W (Stand By: 0.5W)
Maximum Dimensions(mm)
W459 x H420 x D444
W459 x H420 x D444
Weight Approx. 37kg
Accessories Grille x 2, Remote Control x 1, Power Cable x 1, FeltFeel x 4

Product Documentation

Eclipse 2014 All Products Brochure PDFEclipse TD 2014 Catalog


TD725SWMk2 and TD520SW Manual in English PDFTD520SW Manual in English


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home cinema choice best buy logo“So be assured, this may be the highest-fidelity subwoofer around. It’s certainly fit to pair with the most astonishing-resolution loudspeakers I ever heard (Eclipse’s Time Domains) and even if you don’t own those you’re advised to audition if detail, speed and awesome stopping distance are your primary urges, rather than simple heavyweight bass.”

“Simply put, less cabinet vibration equals a cleaner, clearer sound. And that’s how the TD725SW sounds: clean, clear and very fast. It unravels low-end information, be it the seismic shifts of Massive Attack or the rumbling of a Lord of the Rings battle scene, with the utmost precision and agility. Some rivals deliver more authority and weight at the lowest notes, but the trade-off is a significant loss of insight.”



HiVi – 3rd Prize, Subwoofer Category, Summer Best Buy 2014


On-gen Publishing – Subwoofer Category, VGP 2014 Summer


On-gen Publishing – Special Award, Subwoofer Category, VGP 2014 Summer


On-gen Publishing – Home Theatre Grand Prix 2014