Item Value
Configuration: 3 & 1⁄ 2 way vented cabinet
Cabinet Material: Complex loaded carbon fibre filled polymer
Finish: High Gloss Automotive
Drive Units: 26mm metal dome hf unit
50mm metal dome mf unit

158mm metal coned lf unit (two of coupled)

Sensitivity: 89dB/1w @1m
Nominal Impedance (Ω) 4
Frequency range (hz): 6dB points 35 – 44,000
Frequency response (hz): 39 to 41,000 +/- 2dB on reference axis
Harmonic distortion (2nd and 3rd harmonics) <.0.5% over frequency range
Cross over frequencies (hz): 100, 900, 4000
Power handling (music program) watts rms: 300
Loudspeaker dimensions (H, W, D cabinet, D base) 43″ (1095), 10.4″ (265), 18″ (375), 19″ (420)
Net Mass: 84 lb. (38)
Shipping dimensions (H, W, D) mm: 48″ (1220), x 16″ (410), x 20″ (510)
Shipping Mass (kg): 110 lbs (50)

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“To sum up, acquiring whatever Vivid speaker strikes your fancy and budget will buy you the utmost levels of transparency and unfettered reflexes. Amazingly agile, astonishingly lucid and revealing, I view my Vivid Audio K1 as a kind of state of the art and a world-class design. I could for example imagine Ferdinand Porsche designing his own pair of K1 devoid of box coloration to then wonder what kind of car Dickie would have built if he worked in the automotive sector. As you will appreciate, it’s difficult for me to award a pair of speaker I’ve lived with for so long. Obviously I won’t do it. But if I were to upgrade to something even more full-range, I’m certain it’d be from the same catalogue of this stunning Durban company.”

“Vivid’s Oval K1 is one of the best loudspeakers I have ever heard. If you can afford it, I think it delivers even better value for money than the Oval B1. Bravo.”

“Discovering just how resolute this speaker is makes us wonder if we ever got the best out of the B1 some five years ago. Somehow we doubt it. The Vivid K1 is undoubtedly one of the finest loudspeakers on the planet. Lord only knows how the Vivid Giya manages to improve on it’s performance.”

Jason Kennedy, HiFi Choice (UK) November 2009


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