The Exoteryc Rack Pro borrows luxurious features from Artesania Audio’s top of the line rack in the Classic Line, the Master Kyo while preserving the size and structure of the Exoteryc construction and design.  Continuing with the shelf-less and triple isolation anti-resonance lineage, Exoteryc Rack Pro has the same deep black finish aesthetics as its Master Kio sibling.  In addition, Exoteryc Rack Pro utilizes Master Kyo’s carbon fiber linear arms with adjustable isolation discs with a beechwood finish, its stainless steel locknut floor decoupling system, and machined stainless steel spike couplers on black Teflon cylinders to provide more robust support, easy adjustments, and improved decoupling.  Comes in 3 standard heights for optimal standard configuration (see specifications tab), the Exoteryc Rack Pro pillars can be manufactured in measurements that best suit listeners’ needs.  Compatible with the turntable platforms in the Classic Line.  Call your dealer or reach us to find the best solution.

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