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Grammy’s Official Artist, Yuroz, released paintings series to pay tribute to musicians

The value of music art is beyond measure and is extremely important to our psyche.  When the world is challenged, music speaks and art echoes. Our sponsorship of Yarlang Records with a series of DSD 256 recordings was our way of giving back.   Supporting the arts has been a constant in our lives.  A master visual artist […]

Hi-Fi+ review of Vivid Audio Giya G4 loudspeaker

Hi-Fi+ review calls Vivid Giya G4 loudspeaker “very best” space-conscious loudspeaker choice

Jason Kennedy reviewed the smallest of the Vivid Giya series, the G4 in the November issue of Hi-Fi+. “Essentially Vivid has its own take on almost every aspect of loudspeaker design and technology; this makes construction expensive but results in loudspeakers that consistently have lower perceived distortion than most of the competition… It’s easy to […]

Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award 2016 for Eclipse TD508MK3 loudspeakers

PFO Writers’ Choice Award 2016 for Eclipse TD508 Mk3 Loudspeakers

Positive Feedback Online has announced the recipients of their 2016 Writers’ Choice Awards and the Eclipse TD508 Mk3 loudspeakers were among the winners. “…the TD508s reveal the limitations of a traditional design while simultaneously proving the benefits of a new approach.” Dean Seislove, Positive Feedback Online November 2016 Read the full article here. Or contact us […]

Philip O'Hanlon at RMAF 2016. photo credit
Press calls our RMAF 2016 system the “best orchestral reproduction at the show”

Philip…started us off on Sunday with a Sibelius Piano Trio, the piano sound resonant, percussive, and rich in tone, beautiful. Then we listened to an unreleased rehearsal take of Ivan Fischer leading the Budapest Festival Orchestra playing Mahler’s Symphony No. 3, a simultaneous, alternate recording by Tom Caulfield only using five microphones, mixed down to […]