N. America Gryphon Announcement re Diablo 120 Integrated Amplifier – Now at US$9,990!

Gryphon is a luxury brand known for its superb level of fit and finish, exceptional audio finesse and a sense of unlimited power all on a single chassis.  The Diablo 120 inherits the dual-mono circuitry and ultra-short signal path,employed in their flagship models.  Winner of POTY from Soundstage Network 2018 among other awards, the Diablo […]

Vinyl to Tape Project and Playlist

Making compilations has been my hobby since I was a teenager.  Recording some of my choice vinyl cuts to digital was something I have done for many years. While I was happy with the results, the digitization never quite equaled the sonic performance of the original analogue playback. While playing master tape dupes is a […]

“Mythical Sound from the Winged Lion”, Positive Feedback’s Greg Petan on his audition experience with Gryphon Audio

Positive Feedback’s Greg Petan have many experiences with different Gryphon units through our New York dealer, Joseph Cali Designs during the last year.  His recount of the audition sessions are summarized in this writing at Positive Feedback.  He sampled the Antileon EVO, the Sonett, the Diablos and more.  See what this famed artist/audiphile has to […]

“One Night with Pandora” – by Doug Robinson, Sound Environment, Omaha Nebraska (reposted)

Pandora was the first human woman created by the gods, on the instructions of Zeus. As the name translates she was “all-gifted” as each god endowed her with special gifts. Forget the “box,” that was a later story tagged onto the original myth, and concentrate on the gifts, as Pandora has many! The Pandora is […]

Important note about speaker cable for any system that has an analogue amplifier in the chain such as Gryphon’s

Gryphon’s basic philosophy is one of sonic neutrality and Gryphon amplifiers are very special as they are equipped with an enormous bandwidth.  As Gryphon prefers to leave interpretation to the musicians and singers, it is Gryphon’s belief that we don’t need a cable with a particular “sound” of its own to balance or to “equalize” your […]

Gryphon Zena Preamplifier now at dealers’ site – visit a showroom for more information

Zena preamp arrived at dealers’ site mid January. Below are some system photos and some videos posted by dealers. Dealers have their own experience and plenty of anecdotes to share as to how Zena sounds in their respective systems and at their clients’ systems during in-home auditions. Reach out to the dealer nearest you to […]

Luxman Amplifiers Class A Power Clarified: M-600A vs M-700u & M-800A vs M-900u

M-900u meters

Luxman’s emphasis is on reproducing natural music, with lots of warmth, detail. Luxman’s engineers are fanatical in their attention to detail; while they spend a lot of time analyzing how components perform on their test equipment, the final arbiter is the listening evaluations. Is the product able to play music, convey the emotion, reproduce the […]

New Markdowns to Suit Your Holiday Gift Budget – One-off Ex Demo Rare Finds in Excellent Condition

  (All prices excludes shipping, freight insurance, taxes, credit card charges if applicable)   Luxman Last Integrated Ex Demo Amp – L-590AX at 50 off in excellent condition Last Integrated New in the Box – L-700u at 35 off Separates Ex Demos at 50 off Worry free purchases. Pictures furnished upon request. Many happy purchasers […]

2 months, 6 cities, Gryphon Zena Launch Recap – last dealer seminar this Saturday in Chicago. Zena at local dealers in 2 weeks

Just got on my way to Chicago to unveil Zena to music lovers in the greater Chicago area.  This is the last of a 6-city-launch since we received the Zena distributor unit for RMAF.  On the plane, I was recounting my experience with the Diablo 300 as compared to the Zena / Antileon EVO combo […]

Vivid Audio Current and Discontinued Models New Deals!

Here is a unique opportunity to purchase the most transparent loudspeakers, with startling and neutral resolution at values never offered before from the former N. American distributor. Depending on the size of your room, the desired size of your soundstage, and the loudness you desire to play your music at, there is one model in […]