Midrange Magic Event kicked off at Gig Harbor Audio debuting Graham Audio LS8/1 and Bergmann Modi, the latest air bearing turntable system

The “Mid Range Magic” music seminar series kicked off last weekend at Gig Harbor Audio in the State of Washington with our follow on event in Houston this Thursday on the 14th. This presentation was the fruit of years of our unyielding efforts to put together a more affordable sound system for like-minded music lovers […]

Early Pre Launch First Listening Notes for Graham Audio’s new Derek Hughes Signature Series, LS8/1 limited edition: 100

Somehow, my first audition music notes for Graham Audio’s LS8/1 when the first pair arrived for my private audition were never shared. Looking back at these notes and comparing them with notes from the recent auditions that we held with quite a few audio friends who have stopped by to hear these very special speakers, I […]

A long overdue addition to our family: the Artesania Audio 3 level AV rack in black

We have been big fans of the Artesania Audio triple-suspension shelf-less rack systems and have been importing/distributing their Classic Line (the Exoteryc, Prestige, and the Mini’s) for many years.  We were a little late to the party to incorporate their more affordable AV rack into our demo fleet as we felt we may not like the potential […]

Unboxing 1st New Eclipse TD307MK3 in N. America, revised with greater bass extension

Working with Eclipse TD has been very refreshing as this is a company that tells you exactly what they are going to do and does it to the tee with such grace.  Both Pandora and I have been big fans of their speaker line from unique technologies that stemmed from the life’s work of its […]

MORMUSIC.Today Recommendation – Must-Have and Noteworthy Magnum Opus LP Re-Issues (repost)

Must Have Reissues These albums will make your system sing, truly remarkable albums both musically & sonically.  Classic albums that we have all heard countless times, but never at this sound quality. Playing Magnum Opus ReDiscovered selection is the best bang on the buck improvement to your system. Dire Straits – Dire Straits. Mobile Fidelity, […]

Bergmann Audio Announces Modi, New Entry Level Airbearing Turntable System, and Names On A Higher Note its N. American Exclusive Distributor

Bergmann Audio is a Danish airbearing turntable and linear tracking tonearm manufacturer that bears the Founder, Johnnie Bergmann Rasmussen’s namesake.  The new Modi turntable uses trickle down technology from Bergmann’s Galder, its reference air bearing turntable system, to present a more affordable entry-level air bearing solution, offering flexibility and ease to users to be able […]