The Ki Audio Racks continues the shelf-less Classic Line lineage of the Exoteryc and Prestige racks with an innovative adjustable modular design system to create a rack system with flexible configuration, providing ease of transport and installation without compromising the sound fidelity.  In addition to utilizing the Artesania decoupling discs and isolation bases to decouple the rack from the ground as in the Classic Line, this modular rack system has built-in decoupling discs at each level, thus decoupling each level from the others.  In addition, the new slat design on each level allows the isolation discs, in this case, with beechwood bases to suspend the equipment from the shelf without the classical linear arms, providing the equipment with optimal ventilation.  Comes in 3 standard heights for optimal standard configuration (see specifications tab), the pillars can be manufactured in measurements that best suit listeners’ needs.  Compatible with the turntable platforms in the Classic Line.  Call your dealer or reach us to find the best solution.

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