TD307MK2A offers high-quality sound reproduction not previously available in this class and size of speaker. The 307DMK2A will enhance your listening pleasure for floor standing use.

Angle adjustment

Angle adjustment of -10 to 20 degrees of the head offers a wide range of flexibility in the installation to suit the individual listening environment.

Well damped stand

The coupling with the speaker on TD307MK2A is a minimal contact design suppressing the transmission of unwanted vibration. The column is filled with high-density, irregular sized, kiln dried sand and it is the combination of these elements that provide precise reproduction of low frequencies.

To obtain the best results

Depending on your listening position you will need to fine tune the angle of the speaker. Vertical adjustments of -10 to 20 degrees are provided to obtain the best results.

Positioning the speaker correctly within your room will offer benefits. For free space use, we would suggest that you start with a distance of some 30cm of free space behind the speaker and then fine-tune the distance until you obtain your preferred balance between the bass output and the depth of stereo image.

We would also suggest that you have a minimum distance of 175cm to 200cm between the speakers depending on the distance of your seating position.

Model 307DMK2ASV_s 307DMK2AWH_s
Dedicated Floor Stand for TD307MK2A
Colour Available Silver White
Maximum Dimensions (mm)
Weight (per Speaker) Approx. 2.8kg

Product Documentation

Eclipse 2014 All Products Brochure PDF
Eclipse 2014 All Products Brochure PDF
307DMK2A Manual in English PDF
307DMK2A Manual in English PDF

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