Bergmann Audio Magne Turntable and Turntable System

Magne Turntable System is Bergmann Audio’s airbearing turntable system with Magne linear tracking airbearing tonearm.

Magne means “strength”. In Nordic mythology Magne is the super baby, son of Thor, the God of Thunder, and when he is three days old he is so strong that he can lift a dead giant away from his father, who is pinned underneath. Magne is one of the few gods, who survive Ragnerok, the nordic armageddon, and rebuilds the new world.

Magne turntables include:

  • Airbearing turntable
  • Air pump
  • Power supply
  • Linear tracking air bearing Magne tone arm
  • Output for an airbearing tonearm.
  • Connector: RCA/XLR, DIN
  • Includes 1 record clamp, 1 armboard
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