Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Power Amplifier

Moonriver Model 404 is the outcome of a 3-year research, the aim being to achieve incredible performance regardless of price range. The 404 amplifier will extract hidden elements and render textures from within any audio format, with the source, speakers and room to set the limits. Its culture will suit all music, as the Model 404 is by design set to define the faintest nuances of which tone integrity is composed.

At On A Higher Note, we have paired up Moonriver’s Model 404 with many different speakers, including Graham Audio’s BBC designed monitors, the LS5/9’s, with terrific results: rich and musical in the mid-range with clear, articulate and well-defined bass.  This is not transistors pretending to mimic tubes as it exhibits great drive, and a well-defined rhythm and pace.

As big as it is on deconstructing the percussive complexity and articulating the horn section of Al Green’s early ‘70’s recordings, it is just as committed in exposing the compression of R.E.M.’sCollapse Into Now” while keeping it on the right side of listenable.  It energizes much like a breath of clean, fresh air or a brisk walk on a cool evening, and a hint of sun that ushers the first signs of Spring’s promise.  It puts the joy back into music.

Currently offered in six flavors, its leading Model 404 modular integrated power amplifier with class AB power modules checks so many boxes, touting an experience to satisfy both the current and the next generation needs in music loving households.