For 2014 Luxman are introducing a new flagship stereo amplifier, with 12 watts (8Ω) pure Class A and 150 watts x 2 (8Ω) or 600 x 1 watts (8Ω) when used as a monoblock.

The new ODNF 4.0 (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) reduces high frequency distortion and delivers a smooth midrange, utterly grain free. ODNF 4.0 ahs acq. As a stereo amplifier, the M-900u is stable into a 1Ω load, where it delivers 1,200 watts, peak power. Due to ship towards the end of April, pricing is yet to be determined.

The Luxman M-900u offers a powerful power supply with large capacity 20,000 μF × 4 block capacitors, OFC bus bar and direct hard wiring. The EI type transformer itself implements flat square-shaped copper windings minimizing line capacity, enhancing binding force and providing excellent magnetic stability. Outputting an impressive 1,250 VA (instantaneous 2,500 VA), the M-900u has the power required to drive any speaker to peak performance.

The M-900u also utilizes 4 large capacity output relays offering an incredible damping factor of 710. To eliminate stray magnetic fields and associated impedance rises, Luxman developed a loop-less chassis eliminating the possibility of ground loops within the M-900u chassis. Cast iron legs act as a resonance sink and quickly drain vibrations found within the unit.

Luxman does not settle on ordinary components within its products. Rather, they design and build a large number of components found within the M-900u. Wiring, capacitors and even terminals are hand selected to meet the demanding standards at Luxman. Even the power cable was carefully designed. The JPA-15000 power cable utilizes the highest quality oxygen-free copper and takes the last step in ensuring the purity of the sound.

Gold-Plated, Peel Coat Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards normally have a green coat (dye) that can be printed upon, so the manufacturer knows where to place the copper traces and where to insert the resistors & capacitors. Luxman’s designers don’t like the sound of the green dye—in their extensive research they found that it smears the sound, so instead they print onto a plastic peel coat and remove it once the traces and mounting holes are in place. Then the copper traces are gold-plated to reduce resistance across the circuit, as well as to eliminate copper’s corrosion over time.

Luxman never ceases in its quest for audio perfection. The M-900u represents a major step forward in this journey.

Item Value
Inputs Unbalanced 1 system, balanced 1 system
Outputs Large-scale speaker terminal 1 system
Continuous power output 150W + 150W (8Ω) stereo, 300W + 300W (4Ω) stereo, 600W (8Ω) monaural
Input sensitivity 1.24V/150W (8Ω), GAIN 29.0dB
Input impedance Unbalanced 51kΩ, 34kΩ balance
Harmonic Distortion <0.0008% (1kHz/8Ω), ,0.1% (20Hz-20kHz/8Ω)
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz (+0, -0.1dB), 1Hz – 130kHz (+0, -3.0dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 117dB
Amplifier circuit ODNF4.0
Output Configuration Bipolar 4 parallel push-pull × 2
Power transformer EI type 1,250 VA
Damping factor 710
Power-supply voltage AC115V (50 / 60Hz)
Power Consumption 540W, 280W (under no signal) 1.0W (at standby)
Dimensions (w x h x d) 440 x 224 x 485mm
Weight 48kg
Accessories Dedicated remote cable, power cable (JPA-15000: polarity marked)

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soundstage reviewers choice“Right from the start, I was taken aback by the spaciousness of the soundfields re-created by the Luxman M-900u. The M-900u’s soundstages were huge when the recording engineers had captured such a space, but even when they hadn’t — as with many pop recordings — it was easy to hear everything that was captured.

“In Leonard Cohen’s most recent studio album, Popular Problems (24/96 WAV, Columbia), his voice is closely miked with a lot of reverb added. Through the M-900u the sound was full, present, and bulbous, and enveloped the speaker end of my listening room — a “wall of sound” in which voices and instruments were delineated in space with laser-sight specificity.

“From top to bottom, the M-900u was as neutral as you’d expect a topflight solid-state amp to sound, and without the clinical or sterile quality that plagues some solid-state gear. The bass was full and rich in a way that added heft, but was also tight, deep, and forceful; the midrange was wickedly detailed and transparent, with a smooth, silky quality akin to that of a great tube design, yet with none of the colorations normally associated with tubes; and the highs were airy beyond belief.

“The M-900u is the best-sounding power amp I’ve ever heard. While its price of $19,900 might seem high if you look only at the specs, it isn’t when you examine how the M-900u is built, or — especially — when you listen to it. The M-900u is one of the best values in high-end amplifiers.”

Audiorom 100% Reference Award“The M-900u and C-900u provide wide and deep look into the soundstage of the London´s Barbican. The Luxmans excel in instrumental separation yet they manage to convey the wholeness of the symphonic orchestra. They can dissect if you want them to dissect – Allegretto begins with muted cellos and the Luxmans bring the smell of resin on strings to the listening room. You can feel how variable is the pressure of bows on strings, you see the incidental moves of the cellists, and if you wish you can just pick up one cello and follow it through the rest of the piece with its full front to back perspective.

“Imaging of the Luxmans is pinpoint sharp. Not only within the depth and width of the soundstage but also in vertical space – tympani, for example, sit recessed in the soundstage at a level slightly above the orchestra. One of the best tests for imaging can be found at Chesky´s Jazz sampler. Four musicians with percussive instruments (shaker, maraca, hand drum and wood blocks) are marching through a reverberant chapel, approaching a microphone, making three rounds around it and disappearing through the gate in the back of the chapel.

“The anniversary Luxman M-900u/C-900u combo is a fantastic piece of audio that signifies a new era for the company. I can say aloud that both amps are first affordable amps, however relative is this term, I can imagine to spend the rest of my life with. Actually, I am considering to replace my all Accuphase set up with them. Cannot be more enthusiastic.”

Audiorom 100% Reference Award

Audiorom 100% Reference Award 2014
SoundStage Reviewers Choice Award

SoundStage! Reviewers’ Choice Award 2015