Luxman JPT-10 RCA caps (pack of 8)

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Greatly Improve The Performance of your Gear With Luxman’s RCA Caps

These Are The Best RCA Caps We’ve Ever Used! Machined from solid brass, Luxman’s JPT-10 RCA Caps are the best RCA caps we sell. A substantial upgrade for any component, these 24 karat gold plated caps not only look beautiful, but greatly improve the sound and performance of your components by protecting open RCA inputs from external interference, lowering the noise floor of your entire system.

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Why RCA Caps Are Necessary
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) injects itself into the system at its most vulnerable point; the unprotected, open RCA inputs of the preamp circuit. Open RCA inputs might as well be antennae, as they allow unfiltered, unrestricted access to the delicate circuitry within. Removing ultra-high frequency noise restores tonal balance, extends and smoothes high frequencies and clears midrange grunge. The only way to prevent this interference is to protect unused RCA inputs.

RCA Shorting Plugs
Traditional RCA Caps are passive shielding devices, placed over the RCA jack. Luxman’s JPT-10 RCA Caps are input shorting plugs, which operate a bit differently than traditional RCA Caps. The JPT-10 RCA Caps short the RCA input to ground creating an ultra-low impedance pathway for noise right at the RCA jack. This makes JPT-10 RCA Caps vastly more effective at keeping noise out of the signal pathJPT-10 RCA Caps may be used on all RCA inputs, whether digital or analog.

NOTE: The JPT-10 RCA Caps are designed to be used only on open RCA inputs.  We do not recommend using JPT-10 RCA Shorting Plug Caps on RCA Outputs.

The low output impedance of an RCA output circuit makes it less vulnerable to external interference. Outputs should be left open, shorting them may cause damage. If necessary, regular RCA Caps may be used to protect RCA outputs.

The Luxman JPT-10 RCA Caps are gorgeous! Machined from solid high-conductivity brass, they create an exceptional transfer of noise to ground. Knurled knobs and surprising heft make them a pleasure to install or remove and the 24K gold plating ensures years of optimum performance.

Luxman’s JPT-10 RCA Caps are sold as an eight-pack, nestled in a gorgeous case. Each set of JPT-10 RCA Capswill protect a total of eight RCA jacks. For best results, we recommend covering all unused open RCA inputs, including any unused phono or tape loop inputs.

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