The new SQ-30u is another remarkable design from Luxman. Conservatively rated at 30W per channel, it has multiple inputs and tone controls. It has an on board phono stage with selectable MM, MC (low or high) inputs. MC cartridges are handled by a step-up transformer. It delivers linear output and reliable performance that ensure pure audio bliss for years to come.

Item Value
Rated Output: 30W + 30W / 6Ω
Inputs Line x 4, MM/MC Phono x 1
Vacuum Tube Complement EL34 x 4, ECC83 x 4, ECC82 x 3
Power Consumption 150W (idle), 180W (rated output)
Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 400 x 196 x 310
Weight (kg): 20 lbs (9.0719)

* Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. MADE IN CHINA

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Press Reviews

“The Luxman SQ-30u offers a sophisticated and refined sound at an extremely competitive price. Throw in a high quality phono and headphone section, a bunch of cool tone, balance, and mono switches to play with, and an additional pair of speaker outputs that few amps have any more (but should!), and you have a product that I can easily recommend. If you’re looking for something that makes you think back and grin when you look at it, while reminding you how far audio has come when you listen to it––you know who you are!––then the Luxman SQ-30u is emphatically recommended.”


PFO Writers' Choice Award 2013 - Luxman SQ-30u

Positive Feedback Online – Writer’s Choice Award 2013