Berkeley, CA | December 5, 2015 — 1 – 3 pm or 4 – 6 pm

a Music Seminar Series

U.S. Debut of
Vivid’s limited edition B1 Decade

Philip O’Hanlon from On a Higher Note

Please RSVP.
Space is limited.

Music Lovers Audio
2116 Blake St
Berkeley, CA
December 5, 2015 at 1 to 3 pm or 4 to 6 pm


Equipment List

  • Vivid B1 Decade U.S. launch
  • Luxman PD-171 AL turntable
  • Other components to be announced soon


Philip O'Hanlon

Philip O’Hanlon
Music Evangelist and
Master of Music Enjoyment
On a Higher Note



Be among the first to hear the highly-anticipated limited edition Vivid B1 Decade loudspeaker at the U.S. B1d launch. Hear curated music selections from the private collection of a music evangelist, reproduced faithfully from hand-crafted instruments, hand-picked to bring the effects of having the artists in the room to maximize your music enjoyment. Delight yourself with a live demonstration of hi resolution digital formats versus analog recordings.

Saturday, December 5, 2015
First Session: 1 – 3 pm
Second Session: 4 – 6 pm

Space is limited for each session. Please RSVP.





Music Lovers Audio logo

Music Lovers Audio
2116 Blake St
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone: (510) 558-1000

Experience the B1 Decade in the newly remodeled listening room at Music Lovers Audio at their Berkeley location.


What Customers Say About the Music Seminars
with the Giya G3s

"... Philip ... provide the best music demonstration I have ever had in my life... I would be remiss in not mentioning that Philip has the best needle drops (selection and quality) that I have ever heard in my life... never heard pianos and violins sound so life like... complex passages so uncongested... dynamics from soft to explosively loud were incredible"
B. Plexico, N. CA, June 2015
“I want to thank you Philip for the very interesting seminar ...very fun and instructive... Your passion for music is obvious ... the Luxman/Vivid combo is a match made in heaven!! You know how to keep an audience attention.. your choice of music was spot on!!"
Guy La Rue, Montreal, CAN, January 2014
“I thought (the Vivid GIYA G3) were sensational... As a scientist, engineer, and loudspeaker design enthusiast, I marveled at their design... What I liked most about the afternoon was the emphasis on the music and not the equipment... hearing the differences between various digital formats and analog (was) a tremendous experience... an afternoon of musical bliss."
Jon Whitledge, San Diego, April 2015

More about our Sponsor: Vivid Audio

Vivid Audio illustration of reaction canceling technology in their loudspeakers
Vivid uses pairs of opposing bass drivers to completely eliminate the reaction forces which excite coloration from ordinary loudspeakers.
Vivid Audio illustration of tapered tube loading
Tapered Tube Loading
vivid audio illustration of catenary dome profile
Catenary Dome Profile: The shape of the metal dome tweeter in Vivid loudspeakers is over 50% better at keeping all resonances out of band than traditional spherical metal dome tweeters.
Vivid Audio illustration of Acoustically Designed Cabinets
Vivid's round enclosures and lack of protruding securing screws eliminate the large audible aberrations in response that normal loudspeakers generally experience.
Vivid Audio - Highly ventilated former
Vivid's highly ventilated former allows the air within the coil and dust dome to escape without cavity resonances or turbulence noise.
Vivid Audio catenary dome carbon fibre stiffening ring
Catenary Dome Carbon Fibre Stiffening Ring
Vivid audio super flux magnets
Super Flux Magnets

What Customers Say About Vivid

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