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Vivid GIYA G2 (Piano Black, preowned)

GIYA G2 launched in 2010 was “The best speaker Vivid ever made at the time” as reiterated by by Doug Schneider of Soundstage Network and without exception every G2 owner we have sold this model to.  It was acknowledged that these possessed all the qualities of the larger model (G1) with a minimum of compromise.

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Female Audiophile, Latest News

Female and audio – nature or nurture? (Part 1 of 2)

Original version published Feb 20, 2015 | Revised after stumbling onto Positive Feedback’s Carol Clark’s recent post, “My Journey into Audio” |  Reposting from Positive Feedback in “My Journey into Audio – Pandora Pang”) Pandora, Carol Clark (pc David […]

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vivid v1s loudspeaker

Vivid Audio G1 Spirit loudspeaker

SoundStage’s Doug Schneider attends G1 Spirit launch—”greater depth and slam in the bass than even the G1 can muster”

Doug Schneider published his thoughts on Vivid’s new loudspeaker—the G1 Spirit after attending the debut in Chicago, praising the new flagship speaker for going above and beyond the award-winning G1. “…All told, it’s rare for me to find a speaker tha […]

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