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A Tale of Three Components – Gryphon Sonett Phonostage, the Third Leg for a Vinyl Outboard Trio

Gryphon Vinyl Outboard Trio

Gryphon Audio has a remarkable reputation for their systems approach with designers and engineers knowing just the right touch needed to evoke just enough emotion.  The brand leads with their money-no-object […]

Philip O’Hanlon on the Lineage of Luxman Vacuum Tube Electronics – insider view on stereo amplifier MQ-88u vs MQ-88

CL 88 s2 web

” I think the best way to look at the MQ-88 is as a cost-no-object, artisanal maxing out of classic 1950s push-pull tubed power-amp design.” – John Marks, Stereophile.  Read more […]

My TIDAL! experience – High fidelity lossless music streaming with Luxman D-100r

SQ-N10 and D-100R playing Tidal

David Solomon and Pal Bratelund from TIDAL came by during Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and installed WIMP on my notebook computer so I could test drive TIDAL ahead of its launch.  TIDAL offers full […]

Music evening with Steve Williams: Him “smittened” by 2 things I love, and my offer to help you access your hi-fidelity music collection anytime, anywhere, anyhow!

141205 SteveWilliams WhatsBestForum Philip1

Since 1998, I have been searching for a DAC, a way to rip my collection and to catalog/store/access it in a manner that meets my criteria.  High end audio is a means to […]