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Female and audio – nature or nurture? (Part 1 of 2)

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Original version published Feb 20, 2015 | Revised after stumbling onto Positive Feedback’s Carol Clark’s recent post, “My Journey into Audio” |  Reposting from Positive Feedback in “My Journey into […]

Fuse a piece of history into your journey – Gryphon Audio Designs, the legendary company and the legend who founded it

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Music relaxes, emotes, and engulfs. It refuels and anchors. In celebrating the power of music, with the mission to “make neutral products … products [the Founder] wish[es] to own …”, […]

LP Gift Guide for Audiophiles – Recommendations from a Music Evangelist

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Tis the season and off to the mall with our shopping list we go, except, what do I get a man that does not need anything but deserves it all? Yup, audiophiles are difficult to shop for. While he does not care about many things, of the things he does care about, he is very picky. Year after year, he turned back the majority of my holiday gifts. So this year, I am taking on this challenge to surprise him with music he won’t bring back to the store!

Bring harmony and balance in your living space – where engineering design meets aesthetics design

Vivid Giya G3 in front of fireplace

Sound rooms don’t have to look like a rough and tumble man cave. According to some of the design-centric high-end audio dealers, sound rooms can be a statement of taste and high-living—sound-wise and aesthetically.

“The Wife Acceptance Factor”, my first high-end audio purchase decision and how I fell in love, by the wife of an audiophile

Special matte color finishes of the Vivid Giya and Oval series available upon request

I was on LinkedIn and saw a post in a group I belonged to, mentioning how over 50% of a line of speakers this gentleman retailed was purchased by women.  […]