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Interview of Gryphon Audio Design’s Sales Director, Rune Skov, Audio Magazine July 2019 Issue (translated)

Hello, it is such an honor to meet you. What is the reason for visiting Korea this time? Hello. I am Rune Skov, the Sales Director at Gryphon. Thank you for warm and kind welcoming me in Seoul. This visit is to support Gryphon’s long time partner, Damino, and I would like to Damino’ s […]

Review by The Audio Beat on Gryphon Audio Design’s flagship Kodo Loudspeaker System

  Excerpts from the review article of Gryphon Audio Design’s flagship Kodo loudspeakersystem by’s Roy Gregory published today:   “… this is temperamentally very much a real-world system for real-world music …”   “… Gryphon’s bottom end relies on attack and impact to impress — and impress it certainly does…”   “… the separation […]

Graham Audio and the Lure of the British Monitor | High End 2019

  Sometimes I feel like I can spot a classic BBC monitor from a mile away, or in this case from across the main halls of the MOC at High End 2019. “Is that the Graham Audio booth?” I asked myself, seeing a collection of those familiar boxes with classic wood veneers and model designations like LS5/8 and LS5/9 and even, […]

Review by Sound Stage Ultra on Gryphon Audio Design’s Mojo S Loudspeaker System

Excerpt from the review article of Gryphon Audio Design’s Mojo S loudspeaker system by’s Jeff Fritz: “If you buy the Gryphon Mojo S, you’re buying more than just a really good stand-mounted loudspeaker. It’s all of that, but it’s also more. When guests enter your listening room, they’ll be taken with the speaker’s distinctive […]

Press Release: Gryphon Audio Designs debuts new Ethos Compact Disc Player at Axpona 2019

Ry, Denmark, April 7, 2019  The sleek lines, low profile and stylish blend of metalwork and high-gloss acrylic in the exterior design of the Gryphon Ethos CD player can only begin to hint at the sophisticated technology concealed within as Gryphon Audio Designs again takes up the challenge of creating the definitive combination of CD […]

Graham Audio named On A Higher Note as N. American Exclusive Distributor | debut new LS5/9f at Salon Audio Montreal 3/22 – 24 Room #1315, Hotel Bonaventure, Montreal, Quebec

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Devon, UK | Los Angeles CA | Montreal, Canada  – March 20th 2019) Graham Audio named On A Higher Note as their North American exclusive distributor with North American debut of the new LS5/9f floor standing loudspeaker in Salon Audio Montreal Audio Fest in Quebec, Canada.  Graham Audio is proud to announce […]

“Mythical Sound from the Winged Lion”, Positive Feedback’s Greg Petan on his audition experience with Gryphon Audio

Positive Feedback’s Greg Petan have many experiences with different Gryphon units through our New York dealer, Joseph Cali Designs during the last year.  His recount of the audition sessions are summarized in this writing at Positive Feedback.  He sampled the Antileon EVO, the Sonett, the Diablos and more.  See what this famed artist/audiphile has to […]

“One Night with Pandora” – by Doug Robinson, Sound Environment, Omaha Nebraska (reposted)

Pandora was the first human woman created by the gods, on the instructions of Zeus. As the name translates she was “all-gifted” as each god endowed her with special gifts. Forget the “box,” that was a later story tagged onto the original myth, and concentrate on the gifts, as Pandora has many! The Pandora is […] called Mojo S and Diablo 120 combo “Gryphon lite only visually”

Srajan Ebaen at 6moons called this Gryphon entry level combo, the Diablo 120 integrated amplifier with the Gryphon floor standing loudspeaker system, the Mojo S, “a prearranged marriage”.  Here’s his some of his conclusions: “Mojo S didn’t have to shout to make itself felt.” “Now the music becomes emotionally accessible and invested.” “… if you’ve […]