Moonriver Audio 404 Reference Integrated Power Amplifier

Following the runaway success of The Moonriver Model 404 (Standard), we decided to move a step further by improving on the already excellent design platform of the Standard 404 model. The Moonriver Model 404 Reference achieves even better performance over the Standard Model, while retaining a sensible price point.

The power supply section has been improved to the maximum.  This enormous increment expands the driving behaviour; the dynamic character; digs out more detail; low level information; a deeper and more articulate soundtstage; space between instruments is vast, while the bass has greater authority and is more confident than ever before.

At On A Higher Note, we have paired up both the Moonriver Audio 404 and this new model, 404 Reference, with many different speakers, including Graham Audio’s BBC designed monitors (standard model drives up to the LS5/9’s best, and the 404 Reference has fantastic command over LS5/8’s and LS5/5’s.

Currently offered in six flavors, Moonriver’s Model 404 Reference modular integrated power amplifier with class AB power modules checks even more boxes than its standard model, touting an experience to satisfy both the current and the next generation needs in music loving households.