The Eclipse TD510ZMK2 speakers are updated versions of the hugely successful TD510s, with greater frequency range, finer detail, and more “weight” to the sound. The TD510ZMK2 is a floor-standing model, equipped with specially designed integral stand.

Eclipse speakers are designed by Fujitsu Ten, a specialist division of the Japanese electronics giant, Fujitsu. The “TD” in each speakers model designation stands for “Time Domain” technology, which represents a fundamental re-engineering of speaker design, both in terms of form and function, and which is intended to maintain the time and phase integrity of the source recording and to have no acoustic signature itself.

Fundamental to TD technology is the use of a single, high-precision driver, housed in a teardrop-shaped rear-vented enclosure made of rigid material with the strength and density of marble. The driver is designed to “float” within the enclosure.

Since their introduction, Eclipse TD speakers have swept the music industry, becoming the speakers of choice for many professionals, including musician/record producer Brian Eno, classical guitarist John Williams, and composer Michael Nyman.

Please note: this model can only be used with its stand as an integral floor-standing unit. The stand cannot be used with other speakers.

With an amplifier of at least moderate power, Eclipse speakers present music with transparency, unprecedented clarity, unaffected by resonances, colorations or time and phase distortion effects. They sound just like a mic feed to the mixing console.

Model TD510ZMK2 BK TD510ZMK2 WH
10cm Diameter Full-Range Speaker System
Colour Available Silver Black White
Speaker Unit 10cm Diameter Full-Range, Fibreglass
Frequency Response 42Hz-22kHz(-10dB)
Input Resistance (Rating/Max) 25W/50W
Angle Adjustment -10°~15°
Maximum Dimensions (mm)
Weight (per Speaker) Approx. 19.5kg
Accessories Grille x 1, Plug x 5

Remarks: TD510ZMK2 is a floor standing speaker system. The speaker and stand are not available separately. If you prefer to have pedestal stand model, choose TD510MK2.

Product Documentation

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Press Reviews

Although these speakers are designed to excel at timing, one of the fringe benefits of the single-driver design is superb image placement, and the TD-510z Mk 2s proved superlative in this respect. They can hang rock-solid stereo images in mid air like ghosts in a Hammer House of Horror movie…. It is uniquely able to chart a course direct to the heart of the music, giving you a unique window into its (and even your) very soul.

David Price, HiFi Choice January 2013

They sound magnificent: a firm, solid, natural beauty coming from that incredibly dense and heavy “egg” form – but also look decor friendly, especially as they aren’t too big. They are 97.8mm high on terrific-quality stands.



Hi-Fi Choice – Editor’s Choice, January 2013

Hi-Fi Choice – 5 Star, January 2013

What HiFi? – 5 Star, Speaker £1500 and above Category, August 2012