Graham Audio, VOTU-MIRAMA, the new Mid Range Magic Model from their Voice of the Universe family

Graham Audio’s VOTU loudspeaker system has its lineage from the original SYSTEM3D, “effect fill” loudspeakers, initially designed at the request of the Royal Opera House in London for one of its theaters.  Instead of a Public Address system, the SYSTEM3D was a passive design, as the Opera House wanted a system akin to domestic loudspeakers, only large enough to reach a whole opera-going audience.
VOTU MIRAMA is Graham Audio’s latest and proudest release in the VOTU family.  Now, for the first time, with VOTU MIRAMA, North American music connoisseurs can finally experience the Royal Opera House in the comfort of their homes.  Built on the design of the original VOTU, the VOTU MIRAMA has a higher power handling and a more extended low-frequency range down to 25Hz.
The design is in two cabinets:
The lower cabinet is floor-standing and contains a front-ported 10 cubic feet reflex enclosure along with a high power 18″ subwoofer working from 25Hz to 150Hz and employing a vented motor, anodized aluminum cone and shorting ring to reduce distortion.  It is flanked above by a pair of 10″ lower midrange woofers handling 150Hz to 1kHz frequencies.
The upper cabinet is a sealed-box design, housing a 7″ upper midrange woofer driving 1kHz to 5kHz, and a ribbon tweeter for frequencies up to 20kHz.  This cabinet is fitted onto the bass cabinet with acoustic decoupling feet to provide accurate positioning.
This 4-way loudspeaker system is positioned for critical listening replicating the musical experience in the Royal Opera House.