Small quantity factory sealed NEW Eversolo DMP-A6 and DMP-A6 Master Edition Streamers available for sale while quantity lasts

Eversolo DMP A6 Master Edition front 1

Eversolo DMP-A6 Streamer , DMP-A6 Master Edition

Network Player, Music Server and Streaming, MQA Full Decode, DAC, DSD512 PCM768kHz/32Bit Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD, 6’’HD Touchscreen, Android & iPhone Apps.

We have a small quantity of brand-new, factory-sealed DMP-A6 and master edition streamers for sale at slightly below retail.  Free shipping.  Ships when funds clear and while supplies last:

These excellent, and indeed game-changing, streamers from Eversolo dominated audio headlines worldwide throughout 2023 need little narrative.

Listening Notes from On A Higher Note

Bluesound Node 2i vs Eversolo MP-A6 vs HiFi Rose RS-150

(Source – streaming on Tidal over WiFi)

Lady Blackbird – Fixit from “Black Acid Soul”

Double bass, accompanied by bass quarters & the melody played by the pianist’s left hand on the piano. The right hand of the piano playing the treble-clef notes, a lovely twinkly sound. But the distinguishable voice of Lady Blackbird (Marley Monroe), transcendent of time and place, is what keeps the listener transfixed.

The Bluesound Node 2i sounds fine until you compare it to the Eversolo MP-A6, and then you realize that the Bluesound’s twinkly piano sounds more like wind chimes than actual treble-clef notes. The Bluesound sounds as if there is a blanket over the speakers. Switched over to the Eversolo, and it sounds as if we have moved from night to day, so dramatic is the contrast.

Eversolo vs HiFi Rose. The HiFi Rose is significantly better sounding, not only from a resolution point of view but also from an emotional engagement perspective. The HiFi Rose is fuller sounding, the singer has more body to the voice, and the piano’s bass quarters are more substantial & engaging.

Fausto Mesolella – Anima from “Canto Stefano”.

A beautiful atmosphere is created using a selection of guitars, bass & drums, followed by Fausto’s distinctive voice, a song sung in Italian before a languid baritone saxophone arrives. The Bluesound holds up slightly better against the Eversolo, but is not remotely close enough to offer sonic competition. The HiFi Rose again offers the best balance of resolution & emotional engagement.

Eversolo vs Bluesound

Both the Eversolo & Bluesound Node ($599) offer Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect.

But the BluOS App is inferior in use to Eversolo Control. The Eversolo 6” display makes for a vastly superior user experience to the Bluesound, which just has a few buttons for play/pause, rewind & forward controls on its top panel. The Eversolo industrial design is easily 270 dollars more attractive. Given the right distribution, OAHN feels that it could grab a good percentage of the low-end streamer market from Bluesound.

Eversolo vs HiFi Rose

The HiFi Rose packaging is excellent and the price includes a cheap plastic remote control.

Suggestion, if a customer buys either streamer and a DAC Z6 or Z8 at the same time, then they could receive the BTR-12 IR remote control free of charge.


The Eversolo MP-A6 is remarkably competitive against the Bluesound Node ($599) which is the market leader by volume. Not only does the Eversolo sound dramatically better, but the user interface is far superior. Aesthetically, there is no contest between the Bluesound and the Eversolo – the MP-A6 is dramatically superior.


Take the digital audio (SPDIF or USB) to the Moonriver 404 or 404R optional DAC module and you will be astounded at the sound quality improvement. Amazing.


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