Ex-Demo Bergmann Audio Magne Turntable and Magne Linear Tracking Airbearing Arm Available

As N. American dealers refresh their Bergmann demonstration systems, it presents a unique opportunity to own an ex-dealer demo Bergmann Audio Magne airbearing turntable system with a Magne linear tracking airbearing tonearm a great price.  Magne system is offered in White Velvet Anthracite, Black Velvet Black and Black Velvet Silver in excellent condition.

Magne turntable system is extremely simple to adjust and operate. The airsupply is equiped with condence and dustfilters, and reservoirs to obtain dry, clean and smooth airflow. Further more the air supply is so noiseless, that it can be placed in the listening room.

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Magne turntables include:

  • Airbearing turntable
  • Air pump
  • Power supply
  • Linear tracking air bearing Magne tone arm
  • Output for an airbearing tonearm.
  • Connector: RCA/XLR, DIN
  • Includes 1 record clamp, 1 armboard